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Most people cook onions wrong. Here’s the right way to use each one

If you thought all onions were created the same, think again. Each variety of onion has a slightly different flavor and works best in different types of dishes. It turns out that the differences between onion go a little more than skin deep when you pull back the layers.

If you’re in the habit of snagging the cheapest onion at the store, keep reading to learn how each of these onions should be cooked for the best flavor:

1. Yellow onion
Your traditional yellow onion has the strongest flavor of all onion types. For most dishes, the yellow onion is your best choice, especially if you want to try your hand at caramelizing, since this onion is high in natural sugars. To dice this onion, remove the peel and cut it in half short ways. Then cut each half into long strips, turn and repeat.

2. Red onion
The red onion tastes best uncooked. That’s why you’ll find this type of onion on most burgers and sandwiches when you eat out. You can also chop it up for a salad. The red onion has less sugar than a yellow onion, and it contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer. To slice this onion into rounds perfect for a sandwich, remove the peel and cut the onion in half horizontally. Continue making horizontal cuts and pop individual onion rings out with your hands.

3. White onion
If you’re looking for a little crunch, the white onion is your best bet. Use this onion in dishes where you want a little more texture. This is the type of onion you’ll find on pizza or in Mexican dishes. The white onion has anti-inflammatory properties. You can slice this type of onion into wedges by cutting it in half long ways and then continuing to make long slices as thin as you want them.

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