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Mother and daughter win hearts with “Footloose” dance

Quarantine puts a halt on so many things, but it certainly doesn’t stop people from getting creative.

A talented mom and daughter pair from Myrtle Beach decided to keep doing what they loved – and their video is going viral!

In it, they throw on their dancing shoes and transform their entire home into a music video set.

Who’s ready for some “Footloose?”

Erica Pike and her daughter Izzy share the same passion for dance. Turns out, they make phenomenal dance partners too.

The duo’s video is filled to the brim with entertainment.

Get ready for a wide variety of costumes, backdrops, and outstanding choreography – all combined with the ultimate dance song.

Who needs an actual stage when you have everything at home?

They have tons of experience.

Erica is a dance professional who in the past worked at The Carolina Opry Theater and on cruise ships.

According to her Facebook page, she’s a dance teacher, choreographer, homeschool Mom, and “wifey.”

Apparently, Izzy is following in her mom’s footsteps because she’s also an amazing dancer!

She has a new YouTube channel called “Izzy T.V.” where she shares lively dance, song, and lip-sync videos.

There’s even one where Izzy and her mom pair up and dance to a medley of Broadway classics.

The duo’s “Footloose” video going viral is what motivated them to create Izzy’s channel.

In the YouTube video description, it says:

“Izzy and her mom showing Covid-19 can’t stop the dancing. Stay safe everyone. We posted this video on another platform and in 5 days received 150,000 views, so we decided to start Izzy T.V.”

It’s a showstopping performance that might have you craving to lace up your own dancing shoes.

Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” is one of those songs that’s near impossible to not bop along to. And if you’re a fan of the movie? Look out!

With how fun and uplifting “Footloose” is – it’s no surprise Erica and Izzy chose it for their quarantine dance (which they completely rock).

The routine matches up with the tune flawlessly, so get ready for lots of energy!

They don’t skimp on creativity.

Erica and Izzy must have put a lot of thought into their performance because it’s full of costume and scenery changes.

The ladies show off their unbelievable dance skills donning a mixture of dresses, outfits, pajamas, and great footwear!

Footloose Breakdown

When “Footloose” enters a breakdown Izzy creates a magical moment when she changes costumes multiple times in 10 seconds. The magic of editing makes this one of the standout moments.

This dynamic duo uses every nook and cranny of their home to create visual dance moments in their video.

They dance in front of their garage, on the front porch, the stairwell going upstairs, the kitchen, living room, you name it, they dance there.

It’s sensational YouTube video creating, and seriously entertaining the whole way through.

There are even some circus acts.

Erica’s husband, Nick Pike, is a professional acrobat, juggler, and comedian – so he joins them in the spotlight as well. Seriously, can this family get any more joyful?

Viewers have left comments like:

“That’s amazing! Way to go and thanks for the smile!!!”

A mom penned:

“I love this so much!!!! I want this to be my daughter and me someday! Thank you for the inspiration to keep dancing!”

You can view the mother-daughter “Footloose” video for yourself below!

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