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Mother mare hears baby horse crying and dashes over as fast as her legs will bring her

Taking care of an 18th-century estate with a farm means that the owners get to share their everyday lives with their barnyard animals.

The man who posted the video of his mare coming for her baby foal calls his farm “a little paradise.” Sharing means caring, and his family selflessly shares all sorts of videos on their YouTube channel shamebad.

Currently, the family has more than 20 cows.

Imagine being surrounded by all those precious animals while growing up. We must say that the farmer is doing a great job by including his kids.

Some videos show the kids around cows, chickens, and horses.

The videos on shamebad channel are spontaneous.

When the dad sees something interesting going on, he turns the camera on and starts filming. He also does his best to explain what’s happening while taking the video.

The channel’s content is versatile – from footage of ducklings hatching to a video of a bull getting welcomed by cows.

However, the precious bond between a mare and her foal is the clip that caught our attention.

The man’s wife and his two daughters went to the stables, where a foal welcomed them. The girls wanted to pet it, but the baby got a little nervous.

As soon as the foal got nervous, the family respected his unease and they stopped trying to touch him.

Then the family unexpectedly filmed this adorable moment.

In the clip, you see the mama horse rushing to the foal as soon as it starts to cry. It’s an incredibly wholesome display of a mother’s love.

The farmer’s wife immediately moved her girls to the side when she heard a loud stomping.

It is both funny and heartwarming to see the mare rush to her little one.

Of course, no one from the family tried to interfere between the foal and his mom.

The look the mare gave to the man before proceeding to her baby is priceless. It’s almost as if she wanted to say: “No more foaling around. Don’t touch my baby!”.

We have to comment on just how beautiful the mare is. She’s got some incredibly interesting spots on her back, and she looks shiny and healthy.

Because the mare felt that the baby was scared, she took him back inside the stable to calm him down.

A quick check-in was probably for the best to calm the mother’s heart.

The video was uploaded in 2013 and has been viewed over 6 million times.

Undoubtedly, people love animals.

Foals can stand and walk within a couple of hours of birth

Veterinarians agree that a foal should be able to stand on its own within two hours of birth. If the process takes longer, a smart idea is to call a local vet.

Don’t let this fact trick you, though. Foals are sensitive creatures, they lack an immune system, and it can take years before a foal is ready to be ridden.

Studies have shown that vocal communication between a mare and a foal is vital for a baby’s survival

A mare and her foal share a very special bond. Most mares are very protective of their babies, and the two develop a way of vocal communication.

Videos like this inspire us to learn a bit more about the mysterious world of animals. Now we know that both feral and domestic animals rely on their moms a lot until they grow up

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