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Mother shares the mic with her famous son, and we can’t decide which one sings better

Fame brings a lot of things along. Suddenly, everyone recognizes you, and everyone’s interested in what you think, talk, wear, or do.

In one way, or another, people will want to find out as much as they can about a celebrity they love.

That’s what happened to Jordan Rabjohn, a singer-songwriter from the UK, who mentioned on his YouTube channel that his mum is a better singer than him.

And just like that, his fans wanted to meet his mom, and they requested that they perform together.

Luckily, both mum and Jordan shared the opinion that a duet is a really good idea.

Jordan’s been in the spotlight for a long time

The talented guy is from Sheffield, UK, and he’s been recording and uploading videos of himself singing since 2014.

It wasn’t until 2017 that he gained a much wider audience, after participating in The X Factor 2017.

His YouTube channel garnered 113K subscribers, nothing less than Jordan’s Instagram account.

Back then, Sharon Osbourne commented that Jordan has “the gift of a gab”.

All judges were impressed by his confident personality, and the song he wrote himself.

Jordan worked as a phone salesman before, but his enthusiasm on stage proves that changing a profession was a great decision.

Mother and son decide to sing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

Katherine Hallam, Jordan’s mom, has all the reasons in the world to be proud of her kid.

Apart from a striking physical resemblance, they share the same musical talent.

An apple does not fall far from the tree, and these two prove it perfectly.

Everyone knew that Jordan is a talented singer, he’s been proving it all over again through excellent covers he’s been uploading on YouTube.

However, people were skeptical about his mother’s singing, and they were in for a huge surprise. Mrs. Hallam is such a great singer, that she blew everyone away.

The video premiered earlier in October 2020, and it has already been viewed more than a hundred thousand times.

It’s not the first song they did together

The mother-son duo has already covered “Rise Up” by Andra Day, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, and “A Whole New World”.

The talent is undeniable, and their song choice is impeccable.

Both have angelic voices, but the falsetto that mom hits towards the end of the song gives goosebumps

We love that they have strong, individual voices, and yet they create exceptional, well-done harmonies.

It would be lovely to hear their renditions of traditional Christmas carols. They never hit a wrong note.

What surprised us the most is their excellent way to stay faithful to the original song, and yet leave a mark of their unique vocals in the rendition.

Powerful and uplifting

This family has been blessed. You can see their incredible bond by the way they support each other.

Mom is the son’s biggest fan, and vice versa. Just like it should be.

Thanks for reminding us of family goals, and the strength of love between a mother and a child.

Release an album together!

It’s hard to say if Jordan was right – his mom does sing beautifully, but we’ll go ahead and say that they both are outstanding vocal performers.

If it was up to us, they would have already been in a studio, working on an album. Their bright spirits are all you need for a daily dose of optimism and love.

Keep up the great work, and we’ll keep an eye on new stories regarding your duets.

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