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Neighbours Try For Months To Rescue Escaped Dog Until A 6-Year-Old Asks If She Can Help

Most people will tell you that a dog is an excellent judge of character. There are all sorts of anecdotes about dogs that have ‘warned’ their owners about someone that they didn’t like.

That person may have seemed fine at first, but the dog reacted negatively by growling or exhibiting other protective behaviors. Later, the dog’s owner finds out that the person in question wasn’t nice at all, and their sensitive, intelligent dog with excellent instincts knew the person was wrong all along.

For a dog that has a reason to be fearful, like a dog that has had poor relationships with humans, or a dog that has had to fend for itself for extended periods of time, that fear instinct is heightened.

These dogs may be so sensitive that they see even friendly people or people that are trying to help as a possible threat. Even a dog that is a safe and happy pet will revert to ‘survival mode’ when they are lost, scared, or away from human contact for only a very short time.

Daisy, the dog in the video, had just gotten a big break in life when things got tough. Daisy had only been rescued from the shelter for two days when she got loose and ran away from her new home. The frightened dog had no one to trust and had no idea where ‘home’ was.

Kind people in the area began feeding her, and a Facebook group was established to track her movement, in hopes of catching her. Daisy evaded her would-be rescuers for two months until a little girl, who loves dogs, came into the picture. She had an idea of how to catch Daisy, and she wound up saving the day.

Watch this little girl’s unique rescue ‘tactic’ that finally brought a lost dog home. Please like and share!

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