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Nervous Girl Takes The Stage To Sing “Somebody To Love,” Within Moments Has Judges Freaking Out

Jessica R. is a young girl with a big voice, there’s no denying that! The moment she stepped on The Voice UK Kids stage, it was clear she was ready to blow everyone away.

Talent filled her performance from the very first note. She let nothing get in the way of making every moment count, and chose the perfect song to make a strong impression.

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Before she walked on stage, Jessica took a deep breath and cleared her nervous mind. As soon as she stepped into the limelight, a grin spread across her face and melted everyone’s hearts in the audience.

Here she was, ready to shine, but her fate was left in the judges’ hands.

Of all the song choices, she picked one of Queen’s greatest hits of all time, ‘Somebody To Love.’ It was a risky choice, but it was sure to help her stand out. Only three words into the song, jaws dropped. This girl was not kidding around!

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With a flawless tone and daring notes, she let loose. The judges all had the same option to either hit the red button or leave it be, and the more Jessica sang – the more tempting it became to give in!

Who was on the other side of their chair with the incredible voice was intriguing, and more so every passing second.

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One of the judges on the panel, Danny Jones, tried to convince Jessica that his team was the right one to be one!

He said:

“You just gave everyone in this room complete escapism, and made everyone’s life better for a minute and a half, so well done… I can work with you and make you an artist in itself. All I want to do is take you and guide you in the right direction.”

It’s clear she won’t have any problems making it big in the music industry! This isn’t an easy song to sing, but Jessica definitely nails it.

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch this amazing performance in the video below, and watch the judges’ ultimate reactions as they hear her sing.

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