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Nervous Singer Weeps After Performing ‘Hallelujah’, No Idea Judge Is About To Smash The Golden Buzzer

When you have a dream you want to achieve, overcoming adversity is part of the path you have to walk. Teenager Kyle Tomlinson knows this firsthand and learned that with persistence, those obstacles can be overcome.

When he was 12 years old, Kyle auditioned for the reality show Britain’s Got Talent as a singer. He bombed, earning four no votes from the judges.

David Williams was particularly harsh, glibly telling the young man he needed singing lessons.

This might be enough to scare off anyone from performing again, but Kyle took the audition stage again three years later.

Unfortunately, Kyle was used to being bullied for his appearance and his love of singing.
As he told The Sun:

“I’m a big lad so I’ve always been bullied in school. People picked on me for singing and said I was rubbish. They [made fun] of me and took advantage. I once got smashed across the face with a metal scooter. But, you know, that’s life – sometimes you have to literally take it on chin.”

Kyle took his own advice and went back on the stage to deliver his version of the classic Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”.

The first time Kyle stood on that stage, the judges’ harsh critiques prompted a round of jeers. When he finished his performance this time, however, Kyle wasn’t greeted with “boos” but uproarious applause.

He broke down in tears as the audience leapt to their feet applauding. However, it wasn’t just the crowd who gave him a standing ovation. The judges stood for him as well, including David Williams.

Simon Cowell, known for being snarky and cruel to the performers he auditions, actually had a positive message for the teenaged singer.

He said:

“You know, this just shows you Kyle, when someone grinds you down and says ‘you’re not good enough,’ you come back and look them in the eye and you go ‘I am good enough.'”

But all eyes on were on David and what he’d say to the singer he dismissed so many years ago. David said that Kyle did “good” and then jumped up to press the “golden buzzer”.

This buzzer can be pressed by each judge a single time during the audition phase of the program. What this does is send the performer straight to the show’s semi-finals, a huge honor for anyone but especially meaningful to Kyle.

Kyle’s mother and father rushed the stage amid a shower of sparkling gold confetti, hugging the weeping teenager. His dad even planted a little kiss on his son’s forehead.

David also took to the stage, hugging Kyle and all but apologizing for how he treated the young singer earlier.

You can watch the entire drama play out in the video below:


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