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Newborn Is Held By Her Deceased Father’s Motorcycle Gloves

For anyone who’s experienced the joy of having a newborn, you know that as parents, you welcome your baby into the family with open arms, lots of love, and most importantly, together—as a parental unit.

And for most families this is often the case. But for baby Aubrey, it was just her mother welcoming her into this world.

Why? Because her father, Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, passed away days before she was due to come into this world.

Hector was in love with motorcycles and biking and was always taking precautions when on the road; he was even more careful before the days leading up to his unexpected death because he had a new reason to live for, his soon-to-be-born daughter.

Although his excitement knew no bounds, he was never able to see his child—he lost his life a month before she was born.

But Hector wasn’t killed in an accident involving a motorcycle. It’s reported that he was killed by “someone he considered a friend.” And this news left Kathryn devastated.

But she didn’t want her daughter to enter the world without understanding the boundless love her father had for her, before she was even born.

So she decided to do something special to ensure that Aubrey felt her dad’s presence around her as soon as she came into this world.

With the help of her grandmother, Kathryn organized a special photo shoot for Aubrey.

Photographer Kim Stone was hired to capture heartwarming moments of the little girl being photographed in her dad’s “presence.” Kim situated Hector’s motorcycle gear around Aubrey and placed her head onto one of her father’s glove to make it seem like he was holding her head while she slept. And the timing for this shot was just perfect.

Not only did Aubrey’s head fit perfectly into the palm of Hector’s glove, but she also smiled while being photographed. Absolutely magical.

The photographer took to her Facebook and shared this beautiful moment with everyone; she captioned the photograph, “They say that angels are talking to babies when they smile in their sleep.”

So here’s hoping that Aubrey was sharing a daddy-daughter moment with Hector while her family assured her that her father is around her forever, because that’s all he wanted, to be there for Aubrey.

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