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No one but the principal knew what shocking things were taking place overnight at At John F. Miller School in Las Vegas.

No one but the principal knew what shocking things were taking place overnight at John F. Miller School in Las Vegas. At a school where disabled children are able to learn together, the budget is extremely tight.

Due to the fact that the ages of the students range from three all the way to 22, this one school alone needs 13 full-time nurses. Many of the precious children are in wheelchairs, yet all of them are disabled in different ways.


Parents who take their children to John F. Miller School not only have medical bills for these children, but also pay for them to learn at school. That makes their budgets as tight as ever.

Aware of her students’ health and the tight budgets, the principal is always in a sticky situation near the time of graduation. She gently shares, “Not all of our students live to see their graduation day.”


At the same time, every faculty member, family and student is proud for those who do. It is not only a big milestone, but something inspiring to everyone.

Though these graduations are highly anticipated, the budget for it is naturally very slim. The students will typically only have a few balloons to mark this milestone.


Learning all of this, the Fox5 Surprise Squad decided to step in. They obtained the keys from the principal in order to create a huge surprise for all the students coming in the next day for graduation.

They converted the school’s gym into an absolutely stunning ceremonial spot for the students. Their efforts are amazing!


The Surprise Squad called in experts in different areas to help plan the celebration, including an event planner. Even the station’s general manager, anchors and meteorologists were part on the crew.

Many helping hands made the workload lighter, from constructing props to creating centerpieces to organizing the extravagant tableware. The touches they put on this event are breathtaking.


But what’s even sweeter are the expressions on the kids’ faces when they see what’s waiting for them. These graduates deserved it!

Watch the Fox5 Surprise Squad’s jaw-dropping school transformation in the video below!

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