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Officer turns up the heat with his smooth moves doing popular dance challenge

Breaking onto the music scene in 2019 with his debut album “The Git Up,” Blanco Brown is an inspiration for many.

The album’s titular song has even inspired a dance craze that has swept the U.S.

Known as the “Git Up Challenge,” the trend has had people, including many police departments, all across the country dancing to its catchy tune and posting videos of their efforts online.

And while many of their attempts are honorable, some seem to rise above the rest, including Officer White.

A dance craze sweeps the nation

Chances are, White learned how to do the dance’s slick dance moves through the video tutorial put out by Brown on his YouTube channel.

But it also took some talent on Officer White’s part to pull off his incredible dance moves.

Officer White breaks it down

Showing off his dancing chops, Officer White decided to film his efforts and post them online.

As the video starts, White can be seen standing in front of two patrol cars, the light bar on one lit up.

What follows is a sight to the eyes as he spins and turns and gets down with the “Git Up Challenge.”

And he does it in just one take.

Showing everyone what he’s got.

With an attitude and style, White shows that he’s got what it takes.

Almost like second nature, White busted out some smooth dance moves that had viewers of the video entertained and clamoring for more.

Some even left comments, with more than a few being pretty funny.

One viewer wondered out loud what Officer White’s boss might say about the whole thing, commenting, “His chief is watching the body cam wondering what the hell he doin’.”

Capturing the hearts of many

Though it’s a sure bet that Officer White doesn’t do too much dancing on the job.

Some even wanted Officer White to pull them over so that they could dance along with him.

All-in-all, the crowd seemed to love Officer White’s smooth dance moves.

Just like everyone else

Officer White, and other police officers across the country who have performed to this popular song, shows how much police officers are like everybody else in their community.

There is one difference in Officer White’s case though. His dance moves are a little bit above the rest.

For more of Officer White’s smooth dance moves, check out the video below.

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