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One pan egg toast is a deliciously easy breakfast

Given that eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients, deciding what to do with them can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Do I want to make an omelette? Fried Eggs? Boiled? Scrambled? There are so many choices, that sometimes at breakfast we can feel a bit spoiled for choice.

And when you just want to whip something up quickly with minimal dishes, ingredient and preparation, you need something dynamic, yet simple.

What if I told you there was a simple meal you could prepare quickly with only one pan?

This is one recipe that can tick every box.
This one-pan recipe is simple, easy, and minimal effort for both preparation and cleanup. What’s more, you can whip it up with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. So let’s crack (pun intended) into it!

You’ll need:

1 slice of bread
1-2 slices of your favorite cheese
2 eggs
a pinch of salt

If you like, you can add other tasty ingredients such as:

jam (just hear me out on this one!)
black pepper/paprika

Note: These ingredients are for one small toast sandwich. Double the portions for two!

Let’s get slicey!

Begin by cutting one slice of your preferred bread. White works well, but whatever bread you have in the bin will work just fine.

Do make sure that you slice it symmetrically, as when we fold it you want them to match!

Prepare the cheese.

You can use packaged cheese slices, or you can go as fancy (or not) as you want.

If you have vintage aged cheddar in the back of your fridge, by all means use that! Otherwise, the humble cheese slice does just fine.

What you ideally want is a cheese that will melt well.

You’ve gotta break some eggs.

Break two eggs into a mixing vessel. Whisk them up a little bit with chopsticks or a fork.

Add the salt.

Add the salt to taste.

A pinch should do the trick, but you can add to your personal preference.

Personally, I like to throw in a pinch of course ground black pepper for good measure.

This is one of those easy meals that you can really personalize. Heck, throw in a dash of paprika or oregano if that’s your style. Remember though, simplicity is key.

Grease your pan.

Take a little bit of butter and spread it over a pan on low heat. Make sure to cover the whole surface.

Pour those eggs.

Make sure the eggs are spread evenly across your pan. Keep your other ingredients handy, as all the magic will happen right here in this one pan.

Place the bread in the pan.

Place each slice of bread into the pan to soak up the uncooked egg, then turn over.

You want the egg to be soaked through with uncooked egg.

When both sides are soaked, allow the egg to cook as you would an omelette.

For bonus points you should make sure the pieces of egg are cut-side together. This will make it look better when you fold it over.

Flip it good!

Once the egg is lightly cooked through, flip the whole thing over.

This will cook the “outside” of the sandwich. Allow this side to cook.

Fold those edges in.

When the edges are properly cooked, fold each into the sandwich.

This will provide the blank canvas for our extra ingredients.

Enter the cheese!
Place your cheese on one side of the sandwich, and whatever else you want on the other side.

This video shows off a controversial addition of strawberry jam, which to some seems delicious, and to others…not so much.

The strawberry jam does have defenders however in the comments section.

“Guys don’t hate on the strawberry jam, it actually tastes amazing”

Once your sandwich is loaded up, let it cook until nicely golden brown, again like an omelette.

This is also to your personal preference if you like it cooked more or less, just give that cheese enough time to melt.

When it’s had enough time on one side, flip it over to do the other side.

Then, you’re away laughing!

Enjoy your delicious eggy-toast-cheese-sandwich!

Watch the full video below to witness the making of this delicious yet easy meal!

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