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Onlookers film as man risks being arrested and smashes window to save dog trapped in hot BMW

Perhaps people have different opinions on whether it is alright to break someone’s car window to rescue an animal.

However, Mark Lewis, from Ontario, Canada, didn’t think twice about taking a large rock and smashing it against the vehicle’s window.

Why? It was a hot summer day, and the car was in direct sunlight in the parking lot of a Grand Bend festival in Ontario.

Stay tuned to hear the whole story. You’ll know right away if Mr. Lewis had the right to damage someone else’s property. We think he did.

Black 2014 BMW with the black leather interior was left on a parking lot for about an hour, and a little puppy was panicking inside.

It was June, and the temperature was high. Imagine how hot it was inside that car with 90 degrees outside.

The vehicle was parked in direct sunlight, and bypassers noticed the dog feeling terrible inside.

Most pet owners know that leaving their precious furry friends inside a hot car is always a terrible idea.

Nevertheless, if you need to leave your dog, make sure to crack those windows open or turn on the air conditioning.

A huge crowd gathered around the car, and the festival managers first tried to call the BMW owners via a public announcement.

Lewis represented a radio station, and he immediately went to the stage and made a plea to the car owners to return.

“The dog seemed to be panicking,” Lewis said. “It was pacing back and forth.”

People waited and waited, but owners never came. That’s when everyone agreed that the best solution is to break the car window.

There were several different ideas on how to open the window, but breaking it with a rock seemed to be the quickest way to rescue the doggie.

Some people even tried to “jimmy the lock,” but they had no luck. “No one objected to breaking the window,” explained Lewis later.

He risked a lot by making such a bold move, but the dog simply couldn’t wait. The poor pouch was in extreme danger.

We can’t imagine how horrible it must have been inside a boiling car.

Mark threw the rock two times, and nothing happened.

The third time was the charm, and the window broke. Then Lewis reached in and grabbed the dog.

When Lewis got him out, the dog was soaking wet, and he seemed to be lethargic and confused.

As wrong as it may seem, people applauded the man for breaking the window.

The dog was finally safe, and that was all that mattered at the time.

They gave the dog some water and cooled him down. Soon, the puppy felt a lot better, and everyone was relieved.

The owners and the police arrived about 50 minutes after Mark rescued the dog.

Interestingly, the owners didn’t file any formal complaint against the man who broke their car’s window.

An additional investigation later determined that Mark should not face any type of penalty.

“People were telling me I did the right thing, but I began to be concerned because I damaged private property.

I soon realized the repercussions would not have mattered; it was all about the dog. I don’t regret stepping up to the plate,” commented Mark later.

If you see an animal in a similar situation, contact the police, animal control, or a by-law officer.

Monitor the animal until the police arrive.

The police can request a tow service to unlock the car and then access the interior of a vehicle. This way, you’ll help without making an offense.

We are proud of the kind-hearted man who saved the puppy.

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