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Orangutan Meets Burn Victim, Captured Footage Of His Reaction Takes Internet By Complete Surprise

Orangutans are very intelligent animals, which means they can read humans almost as well as we can read each other. So when Rocky the orangutan came into contact with a woman who suffered from severe burns, he knew exactly how to react.

Thankfully someone was filming the whole thing and knew to share it online for the world to see! The adorable interaction all stemmed from Darci Miller’s painful remnants of a burn she suffered in 2015.

Screenshot via YouTube

As the years passed, Darci received countless surgeries to help her heal. Even though being a burn survivor is an emotional rollercoaster, Darci knows that getting up and out of the house is vital for her mental well being.

That’s why she joined her fiancé at the Indiana Zoo for a day of fun, sun and exotic animals. Darci had no idea that she would have an interaction that would change her outlook on life forever.

Screenshot via YouTube

 The moment Darci walked into the orangutan exhibit, Rocky came right over. The curious orangutan seemed to be infatuated with the bandage that covered Darci’s shoulder and neck.

That’s when things took an interesting turn. Rocky started to point at the area, just like a human would when curious about something.

Screenshot via YouTube

At first, Darci hesitated – could this orangutan really understand that there was something painful under the bandage? Rocky’s persistence didn’t stop and Darci obliged his request.

She slowly peeled off the bandage to show Rocky what was underneath it all. This interaction is proof that primates such as Rocky understand more than we give them credit for!

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch this heartwarming video that shows animals can indeed exhibit compassion for others, especially orangutans. It’s amazing to see the expressions on Rocky’s face.

He even points through the glass of his living quarters, encouraging Darci to show him her wound. He accurately suspected something was wrong.

Screenshot via YouTube

See for yourself how compassionate and inquisitive Rocky is in this heartwarming video.

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