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Orphaned polar bear gets new life after being rescued by the Arctic workers she loves to hug

Humans and even animals need their mothers in their lives.

It is such a struggle the moment an animal loses its mom.

That’s why when this polar bear’s mom died, it was the start of her big struggle.

Thankfully, there were Arctic gold miners who found her alone. They didn’t hesitate to keep her with them.

They took care of her and treated her like family which established the cub’s trust in them.

The cub and the miners had amazing moments together.

In fact, she got really close to the guys.

She was like a dog who loved to give them hugs.

She played with them and she really loved the foods that she was receiving from them.

The little cub was very sweet to them and it shows in a viral video that has been circulating online.

It can be seen that the little cub got excited when she saw her human friends and immediately gave one of them a sweet hug.

Sadly, it didn’t last long.

The men knew that the cub was growing up and she needed proper care. So, they contacted the right people to ask what they should do.

The gold miners also had to leave the place where they were staying with the cub which is on the island of Bolshevik. So the little bear was left alone.

According to The Siberian Times, the director of Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, who is Andrey Gorban shared their reaction upon hearing that the polar bear was living with the miners.

It’s true that it was illegal to feed bears but Gorban still expressed his appreciation to the miners who took care of the bear.

“Shift workers saved its life, the cub had no chance to survive. For right or wrong, but they fed the endangered animal and through that tamed it.”

“So we were told that the men were leaving back to the mainland, and the cub stayed there alone. Our only hope was that they left quite a big open rubbish site, so there was a chance that the cub could feed off it for weeks,” he added.

Gorban was also the one who led the rescue operations for the cub.

They made a big decision that would be good for the polar bear.

They decided that the orphaned bear would have a difficult time alone in the wild. Worse is it might not survive there.

So for her security, they decided to bring her to Moscow Zoo where she could get the proper care that she needs. Moscow Zoo is very active in providing updates about the cub.

They also showed how she got rescued.

Upon arriving in Moscow, the bear immediately received proper medical attention like an x-ray. According to their Facebook post, the cub was healthy but was very tired when she arrived.

Sadly, she was also underweight at 56 kg while the normal weight for her age is 90 kg.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that they’ve been giving her the proper care that she had always longed for.

Thanks to the miners who had been her friends. To the authorities who helped her like Andrey, and of course, the entire Moscow Zoo. Because of them, she survived the biggest ordeal in her life.

And thankfully for us, her beautiful rescue was recorded.

It’s a relief that she’s now safe and being taken care of.

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