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Overprotective Dad won’t let anyone near his pup

Dads are the first, the initial male influences in a daughter’s life.

They set the standards as to how males should treat their female counterparts, opening their eyes to the world that isn’t always warm and friendly.

Being a father is much more difficult than most people think.

Maybe that’s why this Golden Retriever dad is being so protective of his child. He won’t let anyone near her!

He shields her with a paw, covers her with his bigger body, and basically does anything to keep those humans from getting too near to his daughter.

Nothing new, it’s something most dads do. It’s just instinct.

The funny thing is you can see dad’s tail swinging back and forth.

Who says protecting her can’t make him happy? This Golden father must think it’s a game.

He’s taking the term overprotective to new heights that’s for sure.

Then again those humans are annoyingly persistent. Some privacy!

In the animal world, this behavior is commonly associated with the mother.

They will go to great lengths to protect their young.

But it is quite rare to see a father protect his pup like this. It happens, but you know… Rare. Dad is smiling though.

Moms can become aggressive when protecting their young.

This Golden dad? Well not really. He keeps shielding his daughter but that look on his face makes it seem like he’s treating it as a game, using his pup as a sort of ball that he won’t let his opponent steal from him. What a cute game!

Domesticated dogs aren’t like wolves in a sense that the paternal instinct isn’t really prominent.

With wolves, parenting is a mom and dad thing.

Unless this dad here has a strong wolf gene in him. But we doubt it. Anyway, he’s doing a fine job!

Raising puppies is a mom job.

That must be this dad’s loophole. Mom raises them, dad protects.

“Bless his heart. He really is protecting the pup. Sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Observed a viewer.

This is one protective dad. He stares back at the humans while covering his daughter as if to say, No. Stop it. No.

The humans are lucky it’s a Golden Retriever. This friendly, tolerant dog are great with humans thanks to their loving and affectionate attitude.

They retain that puppy-like personality even well in to their years but don’t be deceived because these dogs are smart.

For all we know, this dad and his daughter might have been having a moment together, maybe bonding and getting to know each other more until the humans arrived.

No likes being disturbed. Poor dad. The puppy is certainly enjoying it.

She lets her dad cover which must have been like a game of peek-a-boo for the little one.

The man says “give me your paw” which was addressed to the pup but dad is sassy, putting his own paw in the man’s hand.

Cheeky fellow. No one knows how long this went on but we’re hoping Golden dad won this one.

How often does a dog dad get to have some time with his daughter? Protect away, dad. And to the humans… Let him have the day with his daughter!

See this protective dad cover his pup in the video below!

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