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Owner Asks Dog Who His Best Friend Is And Instantly Starts Laughing Out Loud

We all love our best friends, right?

They are one of those few people who are always there for us in our times of need, the good, or the bad.

I think it’s safe to say that you can make a best friend at really any point in your lifetime, but more often than not, once you have found that special friend, you don’t replace them ever again. And for the pup in the video below, things are no different.

Benji is a cute little puppy that lives with his family in Boston.

One day, his mom decides to ask him one simple question that has him going viral on the internet—not to mention that everyone is also in stitches because of Benji!

In this clip, the dog is surrounded by his toys (stuffed animals).

The woman making the video asks her dog, “Benji, who’s your best friend?” And in the first shot (where he only has one toy), he instantly puts his paw on his little moose teddy bear.

But as the video goes on, and the number of toys around him increases, mom continues to ask Benji the same question.

Each time, Benji seems to pick out his favorite moose from the crowd and declare it his best friend–this is adorable!

But, watch what happens closer to the end of the video.

When the woman asks Benji who his best friend is, it seems like the poor dog is torn between his moose and a slice of pizza.

Benji eventually chooses the slice of pizza over the good ol’ moose, BUT it’s nothing we can judge him on, right? I think even our best friends would understand if we chose pizza over them!

Watch the hilarious clip by clicking on the link below.

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