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Owner Thinks ‘Ingenious’ Plan Will Stop Cat From Waking Him. Kitty’s Comeback Has Internet In Laughter

Cats can be tricky, sneaky animals! One minute you think they’re the cutest snuggle bug ever, the next you’re baffled by their raw, mischievous intelligence!

That’s why one owner decided to stop the madness once and for all. Every single morning, Dad was woken up by his smart kitty Mulder, who had figured out how to open doors like a human!

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So, with a bucket of water and a camera, he set up a brilliant plan. Dad placed a tub of water directly under the door and waited for his precious Mulder to jump on the doorknob, swinging it wide open.

He hoped this type of deterrent would keep Mulder from pouncing on him first thing in the morning. According to the science behind Animal Planet’s discussion on feline intelligence, his plan may be spot on!

Screenshot via YouTube

The site explains that memories and knowledge are stored in a cat’s brain forever. In fact, once attained, even if by accident or trial and error, most of a cat’s knowledge is retained for life, thanks to this animal’s “excellent memory.”

“Even hunting techniques buried under years of neglect in the well-fed house cat’s brain will be recalled with ease should the feline, for some reason, ever have to fend for itself. Easily frightened, a cat will retain very strong memories of any incident that it considers threatening.”

Screenshot via YouTube

That means the moment Mulder found himself swinging above a big bucket of freezing cold water, he should’ve learned that’s something he’ll never want to do again! Unfortunately, that’s not how things panned out!

Watch this hilarious “learning” experience unfold for yourself. Remember, no kitties were hurt in the filming of this video.

Screenshot via YouTube

Mulder most definitely is a clever cat!

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