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Owners catch German Shepherd climbing ladder to go for a swim

Who doesn’t love going for a swim?

It’s such a great way to unwind and relax. Bring anyone to the beach or show them a pool and it’s automatic.

This extends to our furry friends too. Dogs love the water.

One quick search and you will find countless stories, photos, and videos of dogs enjoying themselves in a body of water.

In fact, they love it so much they run and leap into the water when they can.

Elliot had to learn though.

He is a German Shepherd and Husky mix. This boy loves to swim so much but since the pool was above ground so to speak, he couldn’t just run and jump in like his other friends.

Elliot had to learn the climb and dive.

It’s just four steps anyway but it seemed like a long way up for this dog.

This lady was able to capture Elliot on video as he literally took it one step at a time before finally figuring it all out. And he did!

Slowly does it.

Elliot climbs each step tentatively, as if getting the feel of the climb, checking to see if he was doing it right.

He finally makes his way to the top and… Splash! He did it!

He paddles around for awhile, relishing the fact that he conquered what to him must have been an insurmountable task.

And all for a good swim. Can’t blame Elliot, after all, it is something he loves to do.

“What a smart dog, Now that the owners know he enjoys the pool I hope they come up with something that makes it easier for him to go for his swim.”

Observed a viewer.

Look at Elliot float around. He really does love to swim.

This smart boy does a few more laps before heading back to the ladder, climbing out with ease and as soon as he’s back on dry ground, he shakes it off obviously pleased with himself.

He’s happy.

Elliot is unique in such a way that even though he’s alone, (or thinks he is) he can still swim around and come out of the water without much supervision.

Most dog experts say that owners should be present when their dog is going for a swim.

You never know what could happen even though our four legged buddies are natural swimmers.

It’s generally safe for dogs to swim but with a pool, that chlorine should be rinsed off with regular water to avoid any possible infections.

Then there is the concern for sanitation.

This is where responsible pet owners come in. Dogs should be clean when brought in to swim, and afterwards, rinsed off well.

As for the pool, check for hair and anything else that shouldn’t be in there.

Elliot is one clean dog. And no, he didn’t need the floater. Imagine what Elliot could do in an Olympic size pool. Or the beach!

It’s probably in the genes. That mix of GSD and Husky are showing. Brave, athletic, curious, smart…

Yes, he is. And he’s got wonderful owners who taught him well, all while showering him with lots of love. They did get a pool to share with him!

See how Elliot discovers his way into the pool in the video below!

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