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Parents secretly adopt dog daughter has been taking care of at shelter

A young woman named Hallee Fuqua had always wanted a dog for Christmas.

Since she was still in college, specifically in Oklahoma State University, her parents always responded with the same thing most moms and dads say. When you graduate.

Hallee loved dogs so much that she volunteered at the Humane Society of Stillwater.

There, she met Rambo. A Plott Hound mix who just stole the young woman’s heart.

She fell for Rambo.

And Rambo loved Hallee back. She began to visit the lovable dog regularly.

It was difficult to get Rambo adopted due to his size. He’s a large dog. But just like all dogs, all he wants is affection. And lots of it.

Hallee loved Rambo so much that she would send pictures and videos of her new friend to her parents. Hallee’s mom, Jessica, began to reconsider.

She says to Stillwater News Press,

“I just knew he belonged here. I’ve said ‘No’ long enough. I think he belongs in our family.”

Mom and dad adopted the two year old canine as Hallee’s Christmas present. Now the holidays were still a few weeks away so the Humane Society kept the adoption a secret from Hallee.

Hallee loves Rambo so much that she says,

“He was quiet. A lot of the dogs would bark but he just sits there …He is a ginormous cuddler. He thinks he’s a giant lap dog.”

So you can imagine how she felt when she found out that Rambo had been adopted.

She was heartbroken. No one wants to be separated from someone they love!

Hallee was just getting her dog fix. It’s like just wanting to go out on casual dates without wanting to fall for anyone, but you did anyway.

Only to find out that the person needs to leave. Like that, except dogs are better.

Now for the big surprise.

Hallee’s parents decided to surprise her ahead of time. So they got to work, setting up the big reveal with a camera ready to record the touching moment.

A moment that’s gotten almost 10.7 million views.

Rambo’s got antlers as he waits outside the house. Mom tells her to open the door. Hallee literally pauses, stunned at who she’s seeing.

Then the tears start flowing as dad lets go of the leash and her dog runs to her arms.

Now that’s true love.

Rambo is thrilled!

“Dog looks at father and says, “The reindeer disguise didn’t work. She knows who I am.”

Says a viewer

Family members come out to meet their new friend but all Hallee wanted to know if this was real, and Rambo was indeed hers.

Indeed he is! She still hasn’t stopped crying by the way, and if you are too, we totally understand.

The whole “adopt, don’t shop” slogan is real. Lots of dogs need homes/

Rambo is one big, beautiful boy and we’re all glad that he’s found a loving owner and a wonderful home.

This one is a tear jerker! Check out this beautiful story below!

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