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Parents Trust Grandpa To Look After Son While Away Only To Get Text About Baby They Won’t Forget

We all love our grandparents. I mean, who doesn’t? They always let us off the hook, always have our backs whenever our parents scold us and they always keep our bellies happy!

They are definitely at the top portion of our “most favorite people on Earth” list. All in all, they’re always there when we need them the most.

Just like this particular grandfather who is fondly called “Pawpaw” by his family.

David Waterhouse, a Dallas officer who just came out of retirement, flew to Kentucky all the way from his Dallas home because he was to look after his grandson, Ty.

David is a regular grandpa but when it comes to technology his family laughs and says he doesn’t have a clue how to use it.

But if there is one thing that never gets old about him, it would have to be his sense of humor.

David’s daughter and Ty’s mother, Stephanie Waterhouse, always think of Pawpaw as being “low-tech”.

He does not have his own Facebook account and definitely does not have any idea about what’s going on in social media.

What he loves, though, is using his classic flip phone and taking a lot of fun pictures with it!

So when Ty’s parents took off for their first vacation without him Pawpaw stepped in to care for little baby Ty.

Expecting to have a great time Pawpaw had a few surprises up his sleeve he planned to send his daughter while he looked after her son.

He took all these wonderful and hilarious pictures that left Stephanie and her husband laughing out loud.

Just looking at the adorable captions that this funny grandpa printed out will surely make you smile.

One of the best parts of what he did would have to be the fact that he printed out all of the captions he used while he was still in Dallas!

Yes, even before he went to Kentucky, David had already planned to create all those hilarious photos.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use his daughters hom printer so he brought them already printed out from his home instead.

It’s endearing that he did all this before his trip. It only showed that he was really looking forward to spending time with Ty.

What a lucky baby, to have such a funny and thoughtful grandpa!

Stephanie fondly dubbed her Dad’s photos as “Memes by Pawpaw”.

They were just so clever and fun and what’s even funnier is the fact that David did not know what a “meme” was. To him, he was just being silly.

David may be clueless when it comes to social media and the internet, but it was not always like this with him.

In his younger years, he initiated the creation of a database that aims to track criminal information for the Dallas Police Department.

This idea was later on used by the FBI as a model for the creation of the national database.

He’s definitely an amazing man who has made his mark as a police officer. And now, he is doing a really great job being a grandpa!

David’s hilarious and ingenious photos of his grandson are just so fun to look at! You definitely must see them for yourself.

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