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Pentatonix’s Spin On “Sound Of Silence” Is Stunning Everyone And Is Now Going Viral

American a cappella group Pentatonix has been lighting up the music scene ever since they won the 3rd season of NBC’s The Sing-Off back in 2011.

With $200,000 worth of prize money in their pocket and a recording contract with Sony Music, the group lasted longer than the show that brought them fame and fortune, which was cancelled in 2014.

Although just about every band or singer worth talking about has tried their hand, or shall we say vocal prowess, with Simon & Garfunkel’s enduring 60’s classic, “The Sound of Silence,” Pentatonix takes it to the next level in their latest cover of the song.

Bathing listeners with 5 haunting voices instead of just 2 sounds like it would be tricky since it was written as a duet, but PTX manages to delight and surprise fans with their out-of-this-world harmonies!

Singers Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying, and Matt Sallee, who replaced Avi Kapli when he left in 2017, are masters at artistically weaving their pop-style arrangements with their incredible vocal harmonies.

There aren’t many a cappella groups out there who can combine beatboxing, riffing, percussion, and basslines into their melodies and still sound like they have real voices!

Although tickets for the 2019 Pentatonix World Tour just went on sale, their beatboxing is one step ahead of their soon-to-be worldwide stage.

The talented a cappella group gained worldwide fame for their amazing covers of Christmas classics and more modern tunes.

But, the latest and greatest song in their repertoire is making waves as the best version of “The Sound of Silence” to come out since heavy metal band Disturbed famously brought out the song’s much darker tones.

You’ll be hooked as soon as you hear Scott’s deep baritone belt out “Hello darkness my old friend…” But, it gets better from there when the four other members of PTX start humming soothing background vocals.

When youngest band member Mitch Grassi pipes in, his easily discernible tenor stands out and lends an uplifting sweetness to the melancholy tune.

Although vocalist Matt Sallee is the newest persona to join the band, he’s far from being an amateur.

His lovely bass effortlessly blends in with the other vocalists in this uniquely stunning “Sound of Silence” quintet.

As the only female in Pentatonix, Kirstin’s heavenly mezzo-soprano tones balances out the masculine baritone, bass and tenor belted out by the male singers.

As usual, Pentatonix delivers so much more than an amazing cover of a much-loved classic.

There’s a reason why they’re still a major player in the music industry.

Their haunting performance will not only give you goosebumps, it’ll make your heart sing.

Pentatonix shows everyone why “The Sound of Silence” is meant to be heard loud and clear!

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