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Pink’s daughter melts 31M hearts singing “A Million Dreams”

Many kids follow in their parents’ footsteps. So it’s not surprising that Willow Sage Hart is passionate about singing, just like her momma, Grammy award-winning artist, Pink!

Pink and Willow had the chance to be involved in an amazing musical project together – recreating the song “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Adorable footage was captured of the mother and daughter while they were at the recording studio. Let’s just say, it might be the sweetest thing you see today!

She had her mom by her side.

Getting up and singing in front of strangers could be a scary thing for a kid.

That’s why in the video, Pink is kneeling next to Willow (who was seven at the time) to offer her support throughout it all.

Yet, it’s not just because she’s got a lot of experience in the field. It’s due to her being a wonderful mom!

The duo joke around before starting and Pink tells her daughter:

“I think you’re fun … I’m glad I had you.”

Pink and Willow covered “A Million Dreams” separately for the album The Greatest Showman: Reimagined.

As you might remember, The Greatest Showman’s original soundtrack topped the charts. It contains songs written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, which are sung by the film’s talented cast.

The Reimagined album (from Atlantic Records) is a collection of new versions of the songs – featuring artists like Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, and Kesha.

Groups like Pentatonix and the Zac Brown Band contributed to the album too!

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Posted by Greatest Showman on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Both mother and daughter have spectacular versions of “A Million Dreams” on the remix album.

Listening to their renditions is one thing. But watching Pink and Willow behind-the-scenes, actually recording them, is absolutely heartwarming!

In the video, the superstar vocalist can be seen wearing her “mom hat” as she helps her daughter through the song.

While Pink mouths the words, she lovingly looks at Willow, and it’s obvious she’s one proud momma.

She even gives her daughter big thumbs-ups to let her know how awesome she’s doing.

Willow must have inherited her mom’s musical gene because she’s really good!

And what parent wouldn’t snap a photo with their cell phone to capture the cherishable moment?

Pink shows her gratitude to the director and songwriters.

Like countless others, Pink and her daughter are huge fans of the musical film, The Greatest Showman.

So it’s understandable that having the chance to be part of the Reimagined album was an incredible opportunity for them both.

Pink tells the men:

“I grew up listening to Annie, and no one has done this for me, for my heart, since I was a little girl. And to have her finally have something like this?”

She then says to the director Michael Gracey:

“You made our favorite movie ever!”

Eventually, it’s mommy’s turn to take over the microphone.

Pink is a singer with a voice that can give you chills.

When it comes to “A Million Dreams” she does not disappoint! We get a chance to see her recording her own version of the song.

The behind-the-scenes video has over 31 million views on YouTube.

Many positive comments have been left, such as:

“She’s definitely got her mothers talent I’m sure she’ll get her big heart also”

Someone else wrote:

“i love how full of trust her daughters eyes are. she looks so peaceful and safe, ur doing a great job pink”

You can watch the video for yourself below, which is overflowing with sweetness!

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