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Pitbull puppy won’t fall asleep so dad sings her a sweet lullaby

If you’ve ever had (or watched) kids and had to put them to sleep, you know how tough it can be.

They are up and about and never want to lay down and get their much-needed rest.

They always seem to have excuses for why they never want to go to bed.

“I need water” or “I’m not tired” are among the most common, despite them just drinking a glass while literally rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. They just can’t help it!

Despite it being quite obnoxious, there is a good reason for it – they probably just want to spend more time with you!

Sleeping means an end to a good day and the beginning of an uncertain one to kids.

Why close their eyes and wake up when today was as good as things can possibly get? It makes sense when we view it from their point of view.

Here on Animal Channel, we know just how similar our dogs and kids can be.

Taking care of a dog is pretty similar to taking care of a young kid – they both make messes, don’t want to listen, but still get all the snuggles they want at the end of the day.

In one video, we see the sweetest dog letting her dad know that she isn’t ready to go to bed yet.

We typically don’t think of dogs as being sleep-averse (quite the opposite, really).

For one dog, however, things needed to be perfect if she was going to go to bed like her family was asking her to.

Puti is a pitty that loves her family so much that she never wanted to close her eyes and say goodnight.

Instead of being angry or upset with her, however, her dad came up with a great way to let Puti know that they loved her and weren’t going anywhere.

As Puti would get into her kennel each night, she would sit and wait expectantly for her dad to sing her a lullaby.

With a face that could melt stone, Puti wouldn’t even put her head down until her dad sang a song for her!

Looking like a dejected pup, Puti refused to get sleepy until her dad sang for her – that is some serious devotion!

You’ve never seen a face as sad and heartbroken as Puti’s as she hopes for her goodnight song.

Finally, her dad relents and decides to sing for her.

Singing his own version of “In the Arms of the Angels”, you can immediately see Puti’s face change.

It’s almost like she took some good sleeping medicine and is ready to have a good night’s sleep. This is one emotional pup!

Laying her head down and closing her eyes, she is finally ready to nod off to sleep.

All she needed was a little encouragement from dad!

Now, she could sleep fine and run through the fields of green grass in her dreams, at least, until tomorrow when she would need another song to go to bed again!

Check out the video below!

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