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Pizza delivery driver walks out of young people’s home in tears

Pay it forward.

That’s what you’ll be thinking after you’ve read this. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows as we all know.

They say you never know what that stranger is going through so be kind always.

And if you can help brighten someone’s day, why not?

These two girls and their guy friend holding the camera decided to do just that for the pizza delivery guy, Bob.

There’s no backstory or history here but Bob looks to be in the higher mileage of life. Even though he looks like a gym buff.

The kind of red cups you see in house parties.

The girls arrange red cups in a circle on the kitchen counter. Under those cups are dollar bills in varying denominations.

The doorbell rings and the two girls run excitedly to greet the pizza delivery guy. Then again, who doesn’t run when there’s pizza?

They greet the man with their pizza with so much enthusiasm, smiling at him before asking him to come inside for awhile

Bob looks confused but he follows them into the kitchen while they tell him how hungry they are.

“Bob we want to pay you in a fun way. We just wanna’ make your day.”

Says one of the girls.

She shows him the 12 cups on the counter, and informs him that he can pick up 6 cups of his choice.

The girl tells Bob that whatever is underneath those cups are his. Bob says he’s excited but he seems to be controlling himself.

Trying to be as professional as can be.

Bob reaches for his first cup, hesitates, then opens it. That’s a twenty dollar bill! His face is priceless.

The guy holding the camera is as excited as the girls who just told Bob to keep the twenty.

Next cup he grabs had a dollar but hey, where else can you get a dollar for free. What a game!

The third cup seemed to warm Bob’s spirits and he’s now getting into the game.

Those girls have a ton of energy too so it’s probably contagious. Anybody have red cups?

Bob says he’s been working for 11 years but no one’s ever done this for him.

He goes for the fourth cup and another bill is added to his collection.

You can see Bob still trying to maintain his professional courtesy and yet doing his best to have fun with his new friends.

The guy holding the camera informs Bob that under one of those cups is a lot of money.

He doesn’t say how much, but that it’s a lot. It’s like one of those bonus rounds in game shows.

Bob thinks about it then grabs another cup, wondering if that’s the one. He slides it towards himself, lifts it and… That’s a hundred dollar bill! Jackpot, Bob! Even the girls are beside themselves!

Bob starts palming the money he won, even asking them if they’ll really let him keep all of it.

One of the girls say yes and that he can walk out the door with all the money he uncovered. Then it gets emotional.

“All yours. We just wanted to make your day.”

She assures him.

Bob folds the money and as he raises his hand to say goodbye, he betrays his professional demeanor breaking down with tears as he walks out of the kitchen. You deserve it, man!

They hug Bob at the door, his once cool exterior now an emotional man who is just trying to make ends meet like everyone else.

He was about to exit the door when one of the girls tells him to “hang on one second”, running to the kitchen as she called on all of them to follow her. Bob included. So back into the kitchen they go.

Those 6 cups left that were unopened? Well she starts uncovering them one by one giving the remaining dollar bills to the man who cannot believe what is happening.

A dollar, a twenty, another two dollars, a fifty, and a ten find their way into Bob’s hands.

Bob is overcome with emotion, thanking them with tears of joy.

He walks out the door but not before getting hugs from the three people who just made his day, and his life a whole lot better through their generosity.

So wherever you are in the world, if you can, do something special for someone.

Spread the love because it’s what this world needs right now.

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