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Police officer accepts challenge and wins the internet with his slick dance moves

When Officer Charlie Kingery was summoned to take part in “The Git Up Challenge,” he gladly accepted.

It didn’t take long for the epic video he created to spread like wildfire.

Every year the internet is focused on new challenges. This time, it’s “The Git Up” that has everyone putting on their dancing shoes.

It’s not the first time a police officer joined in on an internet craze. Who can forget 2018’s “lip-sync challenge” that had cops and firefighters from all over the country battling it out to see who could put together the best music video.

Some of our men in blue are now getting down to Blanco Brown’s, “The Git Up.” This challenge calls for people to record themselves dancing to the country rap song, which has gone viral.

However, it’s not just any old dance moves that make up the routine. According to Blanco, there are four simple steps required: the Cowboy Boogie, Hoedown, Butterfly, and the Two-Step.

The music artist even created a dance tutorial to help fans learn how to do “The Git Up.”

Since the challenge began, people from all corners have joined in and shared their videos. From brides and grooms, to kids, to construction workers – it’s been entertaining to see who’s next on the list.

Of course, what internet challenge would be complete without some first responders?

Officer Kingery works for the Lawrence Police Department in Indiana. After his friends challenged him to join “The Git Up” dance trend – he refused to back down.

Dressed in his police uniform, Kingery recorded himself at home getting down to the tune. And oh boy, can this officer move!

He dances to the fun lyrics, which go:

“Gon’ and do the two step then cowboy boogie. Grab your sweetheart and spin out with ’em. Do the hoedown and get into it (whoo, whoo, whoo).”

Kingery’s just getting started though. He continues as the song plays on,

“Take it to the left now and dip with it. Gon’ throw down, take a sip with it. Now lean back, put your hips in it – (Whoo, whoo, whoo) let’s have some fun.”

“The Git Up” is a contagious track that makes you want to dance along. However, Kingery really puts his everything into the routine (yes, he even adds in some twerking).

After his challenge video was posted, it quickly went viral. Everyone fell in love with the officer who let his hair down and put on his imaginary cowboy boots to do “The Git Up.”

But where did Kingery get his skills?

He told Fox 59:

“I grew up just enjoying dancing with friends and everything – and then my kids, one of the things we like to do is dance all the time in the kitchen.”

Online comments came pouring in about the Lawrence cop’s video. On YouTube, one woman wrote,

“AMAZING OFFICER!! I absolutely loved watching this video. Definitely the best one I’ve seen to date. The rhythm was on point!! Keep up the great videos and community service!! Protect & Defend”

Another person simply stated,

“I love when people with such serious jobs do fun things like this”

Want to know a fun fact about “The Git Up?” ABC News reported that Blanco Brown’s background for the country rap came from his grandma. He said:

“I remember growing up in the hood and my grandmother saying, ‘Ya’ll better git up and do ya’ll work.”

Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more first responders join the challenge.

But until then, Officer Kingery’s version definitely takes home some sort of internet cake.

You can enjoy it below!

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