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Police officers add hilarious ending to internet dance challenge

Just because you have a serious job, doesn’t mean you have to act serious all the time.

Two police officers were living proof of it when they let loose and participated in “The Git Up Challenge.”

The pair work for the Alcoa Police Department in the state of Tennessee.

But besides protecting their community – they apparently know how to heat up a dance floor too!

It’s a video that might get you to release your inhibitions and do the “cowboy boogie” right along with them.

If there’s one thing that’s sure to put a smile on your face, it’s The Git Up Challenge.

After Blanco Brown released his song “The Git Up” in May of 2019, the internet craze soon followed.

People from all corners of the country began recording themselves dancing to the country-rap track and posting the videos online.

But not just any dance will do. There’s a specific routine that accompanies “The Git Up” with moves like the butterfly, two-step, and the hoedown.

What’s awesome is that people of all ages and professions have been participating in the challenge.

Brown’s music video for his hit song even features a variety of dancers that have one thing in common – they’re simply having fun busting a move.

We already know that cops have a fun-side because of 2018’s Lip-Sync Challenge, where police departments across the nation “sang” along to their favorite tunes.

So, it’s not very surprising that some of our officers in blue also decided to show they can “get down” to “The Git Up.”

We’ve seen a cop show off his skills at home, and a group of school officers heat up a pep-assembly with their cowboy moves.

This time though, it’s a Git Up Challenge duet starring officers from Alcoa, Tennessee.

It takes place in front of their vehicles, with a big city bridge in the background.

According to music artist, Blanco Brown, there are a couple of important rules for doing “The Git Up.” During his dance tutorial he says:

“Two rules, have fun and have something to drink in your hand.”

As officers of the law, they weren’t about to do any rule-breaking.

They each are holding a water bottle in their hand and appear to be having a blast during the performance.

And how could they not? Not only is the song entertaining, but the dance is too.

Together they dance side by side, showing they’ve obviously been practicing “The Git Up” at home. They also have their flashing lights going on their vehicles for added flare.

But are they any good? I’d have to say they’re pretty amazing – especially with all of the police equipment on their hips (definitely extra points for that).

When the video was uploaded to YouTube the caption read:

“Happy 4th of July from the Alcoa Police Department! Happy 100 years of excellence City of Alcoa! “

In the end, there’s a special move that for many viewers would be like a cherry on top. The male officer turns around and performs a little twerk.

By no surprise, the video’s left a lot of people smiling. One woman named Vicki wrote:

“My happy place!! I could watch this all day!! Great fun!! Thanks Alcoa PD!!”

It’s a Git Up Challenge video that might just move onto your list of favorites.

Press play below to see them boogie for yourself!

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