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Police officers steal the show from Kelly Clarkson

There are lots of celebrities out there with really big hearts.

Although they practice kindness in many different ways – it’s always touching to see musicians invite their fans on stage during concerts.

Can you imagine if that happened to you? Talk about a surreal experience you’d never forget.

One pair of officers had this dream become a reality when superstar Kelly Clarkson asked them to be guests at her show.

Turns out, she was actually a fan of their music talent too!

Kansas officers Lamont Jackson and Mike Pagel went viral after sharing their “police car karaoke” performance.

If you’re someone who likes to surf the internet, you know there are tons of talented cops out there.

We’ve seen dancers, ones who are good at lip-syncing, and officers who can actually sing!

Jackson and Pagel work as Kansas Capitol Police officers in Topeka. One day, they turned on their dashcam – then Jackson belted out a rendition of “Love Ballad” while Pagel drove and snapped along.

The pair’s entertaining karaoke video spread across the internet.

It caught the eye of many, including various news stations.

One local news anchor even made a follow-up video with the officers where they all sang “Summer Nights” in the patrol car.

But if having internet fame wasn’t awesome enough, their videos also caught Kelly Clarkson’s attention.

The singer invited Officer Jackson and Officer Pagel to join her on stage during one of her “Minute + a Glass of Wine” concerts.

It wasn’t just to shake her hand and wave to the crowd either. She wanted them to perform a song!

According to KCCI, the officers attended Clarkson’s show in Kansas City, Missouri.

In the video, Jackson and Pagel are holding microphones near the front of the stage.

Ms. Clarkson is standing behind them, allowing her guests to become the stars of the concert.

The moment Jackson belts out the first words of “Stand By Me” the crowd roars with excitement.

Even the pop-star can’t help but go wild.

Jackson appears to love the spotlight.

The officer is a talented singer, and his voice pairs with Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” magnificently.

However, it also takes a really courageous person to perform in front of a sea of music fans. He doesn’t seem nervous one bit though!

Officer Jackson moves confidently around the stage while singing like he’s been doing it for years.

He uses his hands and even points out into the crowd. Seriously, this guy is good.

Ready for chills?

When they reach the chorus of the song, Clarkson yells out to her fans, “Ya’ll sing it with them, I know you know it!”

Suddenly, everyone in the venue starts singing “Stand By Me” with the officers and it’s spine-tingling.

Clarkson provides some backup.

Although the songstress is a powerhouse, she continues to allow Jackson to be the main singer, and instead, takes on a backup vocalist role.

She actually seems amazed at different points by his ability.

Jackson’s so good in fact, that Clarkson is able to drink her wine and enjoy the show!

The two officers receive a huge round of applause and a big hug from Clarkson.

It’s not often that you get to see a music star be blown away at their very own concert.

But in this case, it’s not too surprising that she was!

Watch this spectacular performance for yourself below. It’s certainly an experience these officers will never forget!

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