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Principal sends rude note to man for taking kids on vacation, but he has the perfect response

Mike Rossi from Montgomery Country’s, a former host of Dancin’ on Air, radio personality and loving father, recently decided to took a trip with his family to Boston so that his kids and his wife Cindy could see him run the Boston Marathon.


He didn’t just take his children on a family vacation, he also made sure that the trip was educationally worthy by taking a visit to the Freedom Trail, the Boston Tea Party site and other historical places in the historical city in Massachusetts.

Tragically, the Rossi’s had to deal with a death in the family but Mike’s perseverance made sure that he ran the marathon, which is one that he’s always dreamt of running especially after the cowardly terrorist attack. He successfully ran the lengthy marathon but fears he might’ve had a torn labrum at the end of the race.

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