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Pup Goes On Bike Ride With Mama, But Within Moments Has Everyone In Laughter

It’s no secret that dogs love to go for car and bike rides! The wind in their fur, the new sights and smells – it’s the perfect outing for any pup!

But it seems as though this dog has had one too many bike rides. As soon as Mom starts pedaling, his little paws start to do something odd!

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s obvious that he knows his way around a bike. Just like car rides, a bike ride can bring the “whoosh” of fresh air and excitement of being away from the house to your pup. According to The Nest, going for a car or bike ride can make your dog’s entire day!

“After all, they spend a lot of time in the same environments every day, whether inside of your home, in your backyard or walking around your neighborhood. By sticking their heads out of car windows [or riding on a bike], dogs get the rare opportunity to soak up the brand new and unfamiliar sights…”

Screenshot via YouTube

While the dog in this video seems to maintain a straight face, there’s something he does with his paws that make it clear he’s having a good time! Not only does this pup get a kick out of getting away from the house, but The Nest explains that he also gets to experience some exciting new smells!

“Dogs extract a lot about the planet around them through their sense of smell, which is incomparably more potent than your olfactory sense. [By riding a bike with their human] they can experience a multitude of different — and exciting — smells practically all at once. Whether you [ride] by the ocean or a bakery full of fresh and yummy bread, your dog can encounter thrilling scents that he wouldn’t normally whiff.”

Screenshot via YouTube

The combination of new smells and sights makes bike riding the perfect outing for this pup. You can sense the excitement surrounding this little guy on his outing!

The way he pedals his paws is absolutely adorable. He likely thinks he’s actually powering the bicycle himself!

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch this excited pup enjoy the great outdoors. He’s so cute!

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