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Puppies have five classes daily at “kindergarten” including naptime

There is a place in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea that everyone must see.

This place has gained popularity especially for those who are constantly on the go working full time jobs.

It’s called Puppy’s Spring. They provide daily care services and training for vaccinated dogs above 12 weeks old.

They can accommodate 25 pups a day.

There are specially designed courses depending on a dog’s personality.

The staff are trained and are responsible for the overall well being of these cute creatures.

The dogs are trained to distinguish different smells which helps them with obedience.

Games are designed to develop obedience and sociability.

These little fur balls meet their friends everyday where they can learn and play together. It’s more fun that way!

The staff are very hands on. They get in there and make sure all their attention are on their students. It’s money well spent. Worth it!

They are literally a pet kindergarten.

This wonderful place promotes health and happiness having a system of documentation and analysis for any problems with behavior.

Each pup has their own bag which includes a personal lunch box, notebook, and a snack.

The lunch boxes are packed with food designed for each individual pup designed to suit their taste and body type.

There are private indoor and outdoor areas for play and classes giving these pups the chance to interact and play so they can burn off all that energy.

They need to sustain that energy after all.

All that learning and running around will surely tire any young pup. In which case the daycare staff bring out small beds and tuck the little dogs in.

They lower the lights and with a little background music, the puppies fall asleep able to recharge their batteries. Of course the staff cannot help but take pictures of this adorable scene.

Lights out and it’s time for the fourth class.

The dogs gather and approach their respective spots and prepare for a little nap. Complete with duvets and pillows, they are provided with all the comforts for those weary little bodies.

Some of them even wear their own sweaters!

You cannot resist that sight

These guys get more pampering than their owners do. Who wouldn’t want someone feeding them and picking up after them and to top it all of, help them put you to sleep?

Once the little students are dozing off, the staff sit at their desks and bring out the notebooks of each pup.

In it, they write about how the day went for each dog complete with pictures and notes.

A little paper work is in order for mom and dad.

Behavior, meals, bowel movements and other necessary details are recorded.

Pretty sure this is also down time for the staff allowing them to rest a bit. Imagine chasing after puppies for hours.

And once they wake up, it’s just more play time for them! Good luck, staff and trainers.

Batteries recharged and tummies full.

For the last class, they allow these pups to just have fun and play around. Free time! There is so much energy in the room it’s a wonder nothing breaks.

Everybody has to be in a good mood before going home of course. See you tomorrow, friends!

Check out these adorable kindergartners by clicking on the video below

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