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Puppy mill rescue and kitten’s friendship earns over 9.8M views

Life is better with a best friend. To have someone to share life’s ups and downs with is truly a blessing.

Some of us meet our best friend in school. Some at work, while some by chance. It’s the unexpected friendships that are the best.

Take a moment to tell your best friend how much you love them.

It’s a whole new year ahead of us and 2020 was difficult. Done? Then check out these two adorable creatures.

A little shih-tzu and kitty became as close as can be.

Ruggles and Chompers are from opposite sides of the animal world.

But since they have similar stories, fate intervened bringing these two fur babies together. And the world is thankful.

Ruggles the puppy was rescued from a puppy mill bust.

Those places are horrible and we’re just glad this little bundle of cuteness was found and rescued.

It’s also a good thing he’s in good health!

Chompers the kitty was discovered all alone under a porch.

She was only two days old then. So you see how both tiny darlings had a rough start.

Most pups or kittens wouldn’t have made it but awesome people took them in and made sure they would live.

And to prove how cute these two are, here’s a comment by a viewer named Lauren Carroll saying,

“I watched this at 5.30 am after having been awoken an hour earlier by inconsiderate flatmate. My angry urges have now been calmed.”

That’s good to know!

They’ve got their own toys here. Ruggles has a small ball, which most dogs enjoy, and he’s having his merry way with it.

Meanwhile, Chompers goes for his human’s shoe. A boot to be exact. How can you say no to that face??

Robert Walker commented,

“Too awesome! Thanks for the smiles and cuteness overload. And I am glad that both little souls found great homes to go to.”

Those short little legs have lots of miles to travel that’s for sure.

Check out Ruggles when he walks though. His little legs seem to just drag his belly a little above the ground.

Not unless that’s mostly fur… That’s probably it. But Chompers loves him nonetheless!

Chompers has that very mischievous expression. Looks natural too.

Like she’s always got something planned up her furry sleeve.

Just look at her nibble and paw at Ruggles. They really are best friends!

Ruggles knows it too!

Look how he snuggles up to his feline friend. The good news is that both have found loving homes.

They were supposed to be adopted together but the naughty kitty enjoys rough play a little too much.

Ruggles had health issues and it was in their best interests to be adopted separately.

Nothing to worry about though. Chompers and Ruggles found loving families with wonderful homes.

And there’s no way they’ve forgotten about each other. These two are friends for life!

Let Ruggles and Chompers melt your hearts in the video below!

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