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Quad Babies Giving Hugs, Keep Your Eye On Little Girl On The Right

Being part of a set of multiples means a few things: you get built-in best friends, you always have someone in your personal space and you have people who understand exactly what you’re going through no matter what.

Through the good times and the bad, there is always a sibling to rely on!

That’s exactly what these sweet little girls are learning and the way they express their love for one another is just too darn cute…

Mom and Dad watch from the kitchen as their sweet quadruplets gather in the dining room.

Instead of playing around or fighting, the girls do something that left them wiping away happy tears!

The girls got together and exchanged hugs with one another. As one pair hugged and separated, a sister quickly swooped in for her own hug!

We’re so glad Mom had her phone nearby, was able to capture this moment and share it online for the world to see! It’s simply too precious not to share.

According to Eileen Pearlman, a licensed family and child therapist who also speaks publicly about multiples, there’s a reason why sets twins, triplets, and quadruplets generally have a strong emotional bond.

Eileen says that twins form a relationship earlier than we anticipate.

“The twin bond is important since it’s a relationship that really started in utero. Even in the womb, there was a lot of working together sharing a very small space.”

Even before they’re brought into the world, the siblings have to squeeze into a tight space, share vital nutrients and rely on one another! That’s one of the reasons why these quads have such an unbreakable bond!

Take a peek at this heartwarming moment for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

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