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Retired Police Dog Proves He’s Still A Hero After Saving Family From House Fire

Just when they thought that the dog’s service had already ended, he proved people wrong.

Maxx is a brave dog who just saved a whole family from a burning house.

Maxx served with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Police Department until he retired.

An investigator at the police department, Margo Feaser, and her husband adopted Maxx and he instantly got attached to the family’s babies.

The whole family, including Maxx, was sleeping softly until they heard a loud bang from a gas explosion in their kitchen.

The neighbors called 911 and assisted Margo in getting out of the home through a window.

After braving the house fire twice to save the two children, Maxx went back with the firemen to lead them to where Margo’s husband was.

Maxx suffered from smoke inhalation and a burned paw, and while the family was at the hospital, he was at the veterinary clinic.

But all thanks to his bravery, the whole Feaser family was safe.

People on the internet have been virtually petting Maxx for being such a good boy even after he’s retired from his service.

Watch Maxx’s story of bravery in the video below.

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