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Retired police dog proves he’s still a hero when toddlers are trapped inside burning home

Yes, dogs are amazing, brave and selfless creatures.

But Maxx must be the most amazing, bravest and most selfless dog of all.

For many years, Maxx served with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Police Department.

During his career, he helped his human officers maintain law and order.

On many occasions, Maxx had chased down dangerous criminals, uncovered vital evidence and kept people out of harm’s way.

When it came time for Maxx to retire, his fellow officers thought that he was putting the heroic life behind him. But it turned out that they were wrong.

An investigator at the police department, Margo Feaser, and her husband adopted Maxx.

Margo realized that despite all that Maxx had seen, he was still a loving animal.

Pretty soon, the family learned that Maxx was also incredibly loyal and protective.

Whenever there was a loud noise, like a firework, Maxx wouldn’t hide. Instead, he would guard his humans, determined to keep them from any harm.

And when Maxx’s owners made their family larger, his loyalty and love went out to the new family members.

The owners had a baby, and Maxx instantly fell in love with the child.

At nights, he would choose to sleep next to the child, deterring anyone and anything from harming him.

The owners then had another child. And even though Maxx was getting old, he was determined to extend his love and protection to both children.

Maxx’s owners thought that their dog’s loyalty to their kids was adorable but overblown.

They reasoned that they were far away from any dangers. But one day, Maxx’s extreme level of protection paid off.

One evening, Maxx was guarding the children’s room. The children were now aged two and four.

Everyone was slumbering softly, even the dog. But then there was an incredibly loud bang.

A freak gas explosion caused the home to set on fire. The bang woke the parents and toddlers up. They were all trapped in an inferno that had been their home.

Luckily, the explosion was so loud that the family’s neighbors had also been woken up. They called 911 and investigated the home.

The neighbors could see that the family members were trapped inside the blaze.

So the neighbors assisted Margo in getting out of the home through a window. But Margo’s husband, two young children and dog were still trapped.

Soon, the firefighters arrived at the scene and started to tackle the blaze.

With the flames dying down, Maxx emerged from the smoldering building, dragging the two-year-old with him.

The toddler was crying and scared, but it was obvious that thanks to Maxx, he would be all right.

But Maxx wasn’t done yet.

He ran straight back into the still-burning home.

This time, he managed to drag out the four-year-old. The four-year-old was unconscious but still breathing.

Then, when the firefighters entered the home, Maxx ran back in with them, guiding them to the location of Margo’s husband.

The dog was not strong enough to drag a grown man to safety, but he knew that the firefighters could.

Outside, Margo’s husband was soon revived. The entire family was alive thanks to Maxx’s bravery.

Maxx was not unscathed from the fire.

He suffered from smoke inhalation and a burned paw, and while the four humans were at the hospital, Maxx was at the veterinary clinic.

Luckily, Maxx and his human family members all made a swift recovery. They are now living in a new home. And the family members all feel safe with Maxx around!

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