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Room fills with laughter when couple dances to “Bare Necessities”

If you’re going to perform in front of a crowd, most of us would want to prepare and know what to expect.

But for one pair of swing dancers, they had no clue what kind of a song the DJs had picked for them during a competition.

When the duo’s surprised with a fun and familiar tune they don’t hold anything back!

It’s a unique swing dance video that might just have you tapping along and feeling like a kid again.

Laszlo Tarkanyi is a West Coast Swing instructor from Budapest, Hungary and Stefanie Tschom is from Austria.

They were both participants in the 2019-2020 SwingVester competition, which took place in Vienna.

When it’s their turn to dance during the Strictly Open final, the pair take the stage in front of their competitors. Little did they know though – it was about to get “wild.”

Since the dancers don’t know what song they’re going to be given, the host encourages the DJs to select one that’s “adventurous.” And on a level of 1-10 of adventurous, he asks for a 10!

He jokingly tells the couple, “I’m just gonna say, we’ll pray for you.”

The DJs come up with the perfect plan for Laszlo and Stefanie to really shake things up.

At first, the music starts out slow and the couple beautifully spins together on the floor. No one in the room seems to know what’s headed their way.

Several moments in, the lyrics begin and everyone realizes what song’s been picked… It’s “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book!

The room fills with laughter and cheers and even the couple can’t help but smile. However, they also have to get down to business.

They quickly burst into a West Coast Swing-style dance that’s fun, lively, and flows with the song.

Laszlo and Stefanie seem to glide on their feet and it’s obvious they’re both highly-skilled.

They’ve got great chemistry together, pulling off their moves flawlessly.

Not only do crowd members tap along, but the duo has them cheering at different points as well.

Laszlo and Stefanie are just that enjoyable to watch, especially mixed with “The Bare Necessities” in the background!

There’s the perfect amount of playfulness tucked into the dance.

While the internet is filled with all kinds of swing dances from competitions, it’s not too often you see one combined with a kids’ song.

Get ready to feel uplifted as they dance to “The Bare Necessities,” a tune many of us grew up with. Who can forget when lovable Baloo danced in the movie and sang the lyrics:

“Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife”

According to Songfacts, it was even nominated for an Academy Award (Best Original Song).

Laszlo and Stefanie may have been forced to be “adventurous,” yet, they ended up nailing their dance. In the end, most people rose to give them a standing ovation.

So, what did the competition’s judges think about their “Bare Necessities” dance? Laszlo and Stefanie ended up taking home the first-place prize in the Strictly Open final!

One viewer wrote on YouTube:

“Fun song! Great dancing! :)”

If you’re in need of a mood-brightener, this is a dance that’s sure to do the trick.

You gotta hand it to all the dancers out there that are really good at just winging it!

Watch Laszlo and Stefanie knock their dance out of the park in the video below!

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