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Rude Man Honks Like Crazy As Old Woman Crosses Street, So She Decides To Take Revenge

She may be your aunt, a close friend, your next door neighbor, or even your mother or grandmother, but you just may know a feisty older lady.

She might look unassuming and “grandmotherly,” but she doesn’t put up with nonsense from anyone.

She has been around for a while, maybe she’s raised a family or traveled the world or worked in an industry that was traditionally dominated by men.

Or maybe she kept a perfect home and makes the absolute best banana bread.

But, she has lived, and she has the life experience to prove it.

Don’t let the exterior fool you, she is as tough as nails.

She might offer you a plate of cookies and tea, a kind word, and a listening ear when you come to visit, but don’t you dare cross her.

She is fiercely protective of those she cares for and equally tough towards those who cross her.

In my life, this lady was my grandmother. She had worked in social work, raised a family, and was definitely tougher than her appearance.

Her tiny frame could dominate a room and make you think twice about ever crossing her, or rubbing her the wrong way!

She was kind and loved me fiercely, but certainly wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion when she thought I might be messing up.

I miss her, and her outspoken nature, every single day. I only hope that a little bit of that bravery rubbed off on me.

I would love to be half of the kind of woman she was throughout her life.

Given my gran’s strict demeanor, I imagine that my she may have reacted in a similar fashion as the elderly lady in the video below if she ever came across this situation.

My grandmother certainly wouldn’t take well to being hurried and by now you know that if that ever happened, she would certainly make her opinion known.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of this video or if this would actually happen, but I hope it’s real.

Either way, it’s a great reminder of the consequences of mistreating others.

Now the man will think twice before reacting the way he did when he sees an elderly woman crossing the road.

You don’t want to mess with them dude, never.

Watch the video below and see how the granny takes revenge when a driver is being completely ignorant.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sharon

    September 2, 2020 at 8:26 am

    I would love to do this when people do this to me . I can only shuffle as I am riddled with rhemtouid , and I get yelled and abused because of it . Sharon

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