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Sand artist creates incredibly realistic animal sculptures tricking people into thinking they’re real

Can you spot what’s wrong with these animals chillin’ on the beach?

Well, except for the fact that not a single one of them is actually breathing, these realistic-looking sand sculptures are insanely perfect!

If you ever wondered what happens to little boys who never grew out of building sandcastles, then look no further than Spanish artist Andoni Bastarrika.

Not only is he the Michaelangelo of sand, but he’s also got a knack for tricking tourists into thinking his hyperrealistic zoo collection is totally legit.

From mockups of sweet lil doggies to gigantic krakens of the deep, here are 40 of the best sand sculptures ever created that could totally be mistaken for the real thing!

Please don’t eat me!

No worries. Hammerhead sharks prefer to nosh on stingrays rather than human meat. Still, this guy looks pretty scary!

A sad reality

Andoni is likely making an environmental statement with this behemoth of a sea turtle. The incredibly detailed sand sculpture is accompanied by an equally detailed samples from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Turtles aren’t the only giant creatures to come out of Andoni’s imagination. Here we have a deep-sea nightmare that could only have been inspired by Norse mythology!

Sad baby elephant

Awww, don’t worry poor baby. Mama’s gonna be by real soon…Papa Andoni just has to finish making her first!

Here’s mama!

Andoni is a true artistic master with his craft. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this mama elephant was just having a fun little roll in the sand with her creator.

Who’s a good boy!

And whoa – what a BIG boy! This sand puppy grew up real fast.

Overly dramatic merman

For every mermaid out there, there’s a sad merman out there wondering where his sweetie disappeared to. If the last sculpture is any indication, she was hanging out at the seafood buffet.

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