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Scotty McCreery And Others Team Up To Sing Chilling Rendition Of “Angels Among Us”

Sometimes life gets hard and the going gets tough.

When you’re going through a rough time, you can use words of encouragement, a hug, the company of your loved ones, and a prayer to help you feel likes things will be ok.

Hope is a wonderful way to help ease you through the pain to the other side.

After all, the only way out is through, and making it though is easier when you’ve got hope and light and thoughts and prayers on your side.

In 1993, country band Alabama recorded a song that resonated so well with the audience, especially in everyone’s difficult times, that the band got hundreds of letters from across the world; the fans wanted to thank the band for singing such an inspiring song that came as a blessing during their time of need and adversity.

The song was titled “Angels Among Us” and was released in Alabama’s “Cheap Seats” album—it was intended to be a Christmas single.

The song, however, talks more about life than it does about the holiday season.

It delves deep into those times when people really just need a hand and moral support.

It has everything to do with those days that you feel hopeless and lost and your difficulties just don’t seem to come to an end.

The song mentions that it is at that time that you will see someone come down and help you.

For someone who has been in adversity, and for those who are hopeful even in the toughest situation, this song rescues you from your deep and painful emotions of feeling lost, down, and defeated.

In a recent rendition of this song, you see popular music artists come together to help generate funding for, and bring awareness to, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Scotty McCreery, Hunter Hayes, and others come together for this good cause.

The rendition is something that you’ve probably never heard before and it’s worth every bit of your attention.

Although Scotty leads the vocals, and his voice is fantastic, the other singers do their part full justice.

So, I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s contribution is what has made this song a hit with the masses.

So, check out “Angels Among Us” sung by modern-day artists that everyone loves!

We’re sure that this rendition will help brighten up even the toughest day. Share with your family and friends.

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1 Comment

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