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See the moment man is adorably attacked by a swarm of golden retriever puppies

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Usually, when someone unleashes the dogs on someone else, sprinting and horror ensue.

But this guy just wanted to play with the adorable animals.

The husband and wife in this video had golden retriever dogs.

And when one of them became pregnant, they anxiously awaited the arrival of the puppies.

When the day came, everyone was overjoyed. The mother gave birth to 10 adorable little golden retrievers.

The following weeks were filled with cuteness as the puppies opened their eyes, learned to walk and cuddled their parents.

By the time the puppies were 7 weeks old, they were energetic little monsters.

One day, the husband and wife decided to see what would happen if they unleashed the puppies from an enclosure all at the same time.

So the husband and wife gathered the puppies all up and put them behind a barrier in the yard.

The husband sat at the end of the home’s driveway and called out to the puppies. The wife opened the barrier.

Some of the puppies launched themselves straight at the husband, while a few paid attention to the wife.

Pretty soon, most of the puppies had swarmed the husband. He lay back as they crawled all over him.

The husband pretended to scream as the dogs all scratched, nipped and frolicked around him.

Then the last couple of puppies who had held back joined in. The husband was clearly having an amazing time.

Eventually, most of the puppies had become more interested in the surrounding environment and decided to snoop around. But four of the puppies still wanted to “attack” the husband.

“You guys are crazy. You guys are out of control.” – Husband.

In the end, there was just one puppy still keeping up the attack.

Luckily, someone was filming this entire incident. They uploaded the footage to their YouTube channel.

A lot of people in the comments have said that they’d like to be attacked by puppies, much like the husband in this video.

Of course, it’s a little difficult to arrange for this to happen.

If you’re determined to experience your own puppy attack, then you could always buy a littler of puppies or a pregnant dog.

The problem is that this is time-consuming, and it’s a lot of effort and responsibility if all that you want is to experience a puppy attack.

Of course, you could always post onto Craigslist and ask for an owner of puppies to let them attack you.

But the downside to this is that you’ll almost definitely attract the attention of some creepy guys.

Luckily, some places have actual companies that let you play with puppies, if you can believe it.

New York City, for instance, has a company called Puppy Party.

It promises to help you find the right puppies for you “no matter what kind of party you’re planning.”

The company can bring “as many as eight puppies” to any one venue.

That’s two fewer puppies than in the video, but hey, that’s enough for a cuteness attack, right?

You may be wondering how popular this puppy hiring service is.

The answer is very. In fact, Puppy Party is usually fully booked on the weekends.

There are worse ways to spend money than on a puppy attack, right?

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