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Selfless moments caught on camera that are restoring people’s faith in humanity

It seems over the last couple of years, our global society, in general, has been living life in the negatives.

However, we know that’s just because the negatives are what’s being advertised.

We know the truth is that there is good moving everywhere, all throughout this world.

It lives in the kind, selfless actions of others and we believe those are the things worth celebrating.

Thankfully, there are still some gems out there who work daily miracles to restore our faith in humanity.

These are just 12 of the millions of people who go unnoticed, making things a little brighter for those going through dark times.

1. Putting a whole new spin on the term ‘service men’

An elderly man had suffered a strong heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital by paramedics.

He was just shoveling his driveway when calamity ensued without a warning and his life suddenly hinged on the border.

To everyone’s surprise, the paramedics returned to the driveway after dropping him off in order to finish shoveling the snow out.

Give these guys a raise at the very least. We need more servicemen like this out there.

2. Homeless Hospitality

Never judge a book or a person by its cover. If you have to, let’s be sure they’re well-groomed first.

An NYC barber by the name of Mark Bustos was willing to give free haircuts to those on the street without shelter.

“I approach individuals on the street or parks and tell them the purpose of what I do,..cutting their hair becomes a lot like a therapy session and not just a haircut.”

3. Rain Rain Go Away

This dad can easily win Father of the Year. His selflessness and sacrifice truly show when he uses an umbrella to make sure his son doesn’t get caught in the rain.

Sometimes it’s not how big of a sacrifice, but how big of an impact that matters most.

4. Gaseous Greeting

Our idea of gas stations is pretty limited: get gas, take a pit stop, or pick up some cheap food to munch on the road trip.

We rarely experience a level of kindness that this gas station displays when they decided to show a get-well-soon sign for the neighboring cancer center.

This is exactly the type of gesture we should be striving for in order to achieve a more peaceful world together.

5. Lake Buddy

This man takes his sick dog inside the lake because the water apparently aids with reducing his pain. Talk about having a deep connection with your doggo.

This man is an inspiration to pet owners and is a role model for how we should consider our pets to be part of our family and nothing less.

6. First Place Isn’t Everything

The runner Jacqueline Kiplimo helps this disabled runner finish the race held in Taiwan and it ultimately cost her a spot on the first place podium. This is the definition of selflessness.

Imagine all of the tiring hours put to achieve the moment of triumph, only to throw it away in the presence of another who has struggled with a disability all of their life. That’s a true winner.

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