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Senior Chihuahua at shelter tucks himself into bed the same way his late owner used to

Animals can experience grief just as much as humans do.

Animals, despite being a different species, do have something in common with us humans.

Both of us are capable of having emotions and expressing them.

The sense of relationship or loyalty is common among all animals, especially in dogs.

Pets and the bonds they share with their owners are very deep. They miss us too!

If you have a pet, you know the feeling.

Even if you’re out for a few hours of work, you can’t stop thinking about your pets and hope they’re fine.

Your pets also share a similar feeling.

They’ll be anticipating your arrival and will frequently stand at doors hoping you will ring the bell.

They are concerned about you and wish you’re safe.

They dearly hope for your arrival and when they know that their owner will never be back, they will be heartbroken.

When disparity clouds them, they behave like us.

This Chihuahua also went through the pain of losing someone.

Everything changed for this Chihuahua when he realised his owner was no longer alive.

His eyes were filled with disparity, pain, and grief. All he wished at that moment was for his owner to come back.

The Chihuahua was reminiscing about his owner, whom he would never see again.

The dog is elderly, meaning that he spent most of his life with the owner who died.

His name is Scooter. Scooter’s world changed upside down. Not only was his owner no longer with him, but neither was his home.

After his owner passed away, Scooter was picked up by a local shelter.

Scooter missed his owner and to comfort himself, he performed one of their routine tasks.

When we lose our loved ones, something that we did together will remind us of them.

Scooter has many memories of his owner.

The one in particular he hasn’t forgotten is how his owner wished him goodnight—by tucking him in his favourite blanket.

Scooter performed the same activity without his owner.

He tucked himself in a dark blue blanket with stars, which his owner brought him.

His owner usually tucked him in the blanket wishing him goodnight.

With his owner no longer beside him, he decided to do it by himself.

Scooter was at a local shelter, Humane Society of Branch County.

The shelter was concerned about his adoption because he was a senior dog and had injuries.

Although the possibilities of Scooter’s adoption were slim, the shelter was more than happy to forever take care of him.

The shelter manager said, “We had the space … We never turn them away.”

The entire story was shared by the local shelter and it melted everyone’s heart.

Scooter was later adopted by one of the former vet customers.

The vet decided to share the story online.

The story went viral and they received an overwhelming number of responses and support from people.

Plenty of people offered Scooter a new home, while some donated pet supplies.

One among the many people who responded was Jessica Lynn Howard, who went to adopt the pet.

Jessica had already purchased two Chihuahuas in the past from the same vet.

As soon as Jessica read the story, she knew she had to adopt the cutie.

Jessica told The Dodo:

“I saw Jan’s Facebook post, along with the rest of the world, My husband Tim and I were lying in bed and it … brought me to tears. Without hesitation I showed Tim and I said, ‘I have to go get him.” Jessica Lynn Howard

Scooter is now enjoying his new life. Although he will never likely forget his past owner, he is now happy and is surrounded by some good people.

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