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Senior dog is deaf and blind, protects missing toddler from harm until she’s back home

When three-year-old Aurora went missing in rural Australia, her parents were terrified. Luckily, a kind-hearted dog was there to save her.

At 3 pm on a Friday, Aurora went missing. The authorities searched the woodlands surrounding her home. But they couldn’t find any trace of her.

At 2 am, they realized that they had to call it a night. They hated the idea of leaving the girl alone until the morning. But they also knew that they needed to rest.

By the next morning, over 100 people had joined the search for the little girl.

Aurora’s parents were beginning to give up hope when they heard the amazing news.

At 8 am on Saturday, Aurora’s grandmother called out for her grandchild. Then she heard Aurora shout out the word “Grammy!”

Soon, the grandmother and other rescuers were running to the sound. Then they saw Aurora’s family’s dog, Max.

This dog then led the rescuers to Aurora.

She was scared but safe and healthy. Clearly, this dog had decided to look after the toddler when she got lost.

Max was 17-years-old. He was also deaf and partially blind. He had been in the family since he was a puppy.

Naturally, he had known Aurora her entire life. When she wandered off, he had followed her.

He knew that she was lost, and he had stayed by her side the entire time.

Aurora’s grandmother said that the child smelled of dog when she found her.

Clearly, Max had stayed next to her all night and huddled with her as she slept. It had rained all night, making it cold. But Max kept her warm.

Soon, Aurora and Max were both back home.

Her parents were amazed to think that their dog had protected their daughter all night long, even though he was so old and had disabilities.

It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the love and loyalty of dogs.

Max put his own concerns aside for Aurora. And because of this, she is safe.

Of course, Max is hardly the first dog to save a child’s life, although he may be the oldest.

In fact, dogs have been responsible for saving so many children.

For instance, in 2016 in Sacramento, a dog named Shiloh was relaxing in his yard when he noticed that his human brother, 18-month-old Bryson, was in danger.

He rushed to Bryson and grabbed a copperhead snake from next to the toddler’s foot.

Shiloh fended the snake away as it started biting. It managed to bite Shiloh on his neck. But luckily, Bryson was unharmed.

Soon, Shiloh’s neck became swollen. The owners then rushed him to the vet. Luckily, the vet was able to save Shiloh’s life.

And in 2012, another dog protected a missing toddler.

In this instance, a toddler in South Carolina, Payton, got lost in the woods behind his grandfather’s house.

Luckily, the toddler’s dog, Ashepoo, followed him into the woods.

For over four hours, the authorities searched for Payton. Then they found him and his dog huddled together.

Some people think that you shouldn’t leave dogs around little children. These amazing rescue stories show why you should!

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