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She Overhears Little Girl Singing In Walmart, Quickly Hits Record & Captures Viral Performance

One mom and daughter’s trip to the grocery store has now caught the attention of millions, all because of the girl’s act.

At the young age of eight-years-old, this little lady was unafraid to be herself, no matter who was watching.

One stranger decided to pull out her camera at the opportune time to catch the girl in action, and now everyone is so thankful that she did.

With every passing second, more and more people began to take notice of the little girl and her mom – and after watching the video, you’ll understand why!

In a day where filming is as easy as pulling out your cell phone and pushing a button, you’re able to catch just about anything if you’re ready.

This stranger was all prepared to catch the youngster’s talent, which was that she could sing like a super-star! The grocery store was just as good as any stage, which showed just how gifted she really was.

Standing in the meat section of Walmart, the girl belts out the lyrics to the classic song “Rolling in the Deep.”

Undoubtedly jaws were dropping when they heard her voice. Can someone please get this girl a contract?

This eight-year-old may have looked timid, but her powerful voice and bravery said otherwise.

When she begins singing the Adele hit “Rolling in the Deep,” you can hardly believe your ears – she’s just that good!.

Watch her take it away in the video below.

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