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She’s About To Be Adopted, But When THEY Walk In – Her Day Is Changed Forever

Little Girl Gets Magical Adoption Day

Danielle is 5 years old and about to be adopted. Her foster care case manager knows how much she loves princesses, so she asked a coworker to come dressed up as Cinderella for the adoption hearing. But then, word spread around the office about this unusual idea.
Danielle was completely unaware of the princess idea. But she and several others at the hearing wore sparkly dresses, or had tiaras and wands.
The judge then asks Danielle if today is supposed to be a princess hearing, and with the sweetest smile she nods. What the judge does next is simply amazing.

The judge takes off her robe and asks if Danielle knows who she is, and Danielle immediately responds “Snow White”. The 5-year-old (and everyone else in attendance) is clearly enjoying this turn of events, but she still doesn’t expect what’s coming.

When the door behind her opens, Danielle’s important adoption day is transformed into a magical event she is sure to never forget. She waves shyly at the special guests, and later gets to spend more time with them.
Thanks to these caring volunteers, this wonderful event was made even more memorable than usual.
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