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She’s Waiting For Daddy’s Birthday Present. When It Arrives, Her Reaction Lights Up The Internet

As children, there are some things we’re super excited about and don’t really know why!

Such was the case for this sweet little girl named Madeline. Ever since she was a baby, Madeline loved trains.

Seeing their long boxcars trailing off into the distance, their loud horns and the bustle of the station all came together perfectly in her mind.

So, when it came time for Madeline to actually ride on a train herself, she was thrilled. Thank goodness Mom had the camera rolling and was able to capture her excitement in real time!

For Madeline’s third birthday, she got the surprise she had been waiting for her entire life!

She didn’t want a new stuffed animal or the latest Barbie Doll, all she wanted to do was ride on her local train!

Knowing about her daughter’s love for the train system, Mom bought them tickets for a short jaunt around the area.

She was finally going to be able to ride on a train. The moment she heard the train approaching, little Madeline bubbled over with sweet excitement.

As the train got closer and closer, the smile on her face got bigger and bigger.

This was the best day of her life, by far, and she was so excited to actually be traveling on a train!

Take a peek at this adorable experience for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

Madeline’s reaction will warm your heart and should remind us all to appreciate the little things in life with this level of enthusiasm!

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