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Shy nervous teen rocks Aretha song as Simon proclaims “I’ve been waiting for someone like you”

When 14-year-old Destiny Chukunyere walked on to Britain’s Got Talent audition stage, she was shy and quiet.

She had won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest two years prior but it’s not evident when you see her so timid and shy in front of the BGT judges.

Destiny told BGT judge, Alesha Dixon, that she was excited and nervous, just like what she told Ant and Dec during her interview backstage.

In an effort to make her less nervous, Alesha asked more questions.

Everyone learns that Destiny is from Malta and she came with her grandmother to the UK for the BGT audition.

And she chose to audition on BGT because she wants to perform for the Royal Family. And she also draws inspiration from Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

That’s why it’s totally fitting that she’ll be singing an Aretha Franklin song for her auditions.

When she told the judges she’ll be performing the song “Think”, BGT judge Simon Cowell raised his eyebrow and said that’s a big song.

Simon asked her, “Are you confident?” Destiny replied, “When I start singing, I’m a different person.”

And when she opened her mouth to sing, wow! She really did become a different person!

She commanded that stage and owned that song. All the judges’ jaws, and the audience’s jaws dropped when she hit note after note, no matter how high or low it was.

Destiny is not new to the talent competition scene.

When she was younger, she joined a lot of singing competitions including Festival Kanzunetta Indipendenza in Malta (where she placed third), the Asterisks Music Festival (which she won) in Macedonia, and SanRemo Junior in Italy.

Then she joined Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she represented the country of Malta.

She also auditioned with the song “Think” to be able to represent her country in the JESC. When she competed at the JESC, she sang “Not My Soul” and won the competition.

This gave her the confidence to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and show her talent to the world.

When she was done, everyone in the theater gave her a standing ovation.

Alesha started it off with big praises for Destiny. “It was a knockout. You’re 14 and you killed it. Brilliant audition.”

David was stunned. “What happened to the shy 14-year-old girl from Malta? Where did she go? You are definitely born to sing.”

When it came for Simon to give his feedback, everyone waited because Simon definitely ate his words at Destiny’s heart-thumping performance.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to come out who we think could be a star – and guess who it is?” Simon started. “You! You have soul.”

She eventually made it through and competed every week until she was eliminated at sixth place. Pianist Tokio Myers eventually won that season.

Since then, Destiny has been singing live on different shows on TV and radio.

And the biggest news so far this year for Destiny when Michela Page, Malta’s representative to the Eurovision Singing Contest 2019, tapped her to join her team.

Destiny provided back up vocals to Michela Page’s performance at Tel Aviv, Israel last May 2019.

The news came about when ESC Insight’s Lisa Jayne-Lewis said she could her Destiny’s singing vocals in the final chorus.

By the final-through, it was already very obvious that it really was Destiny. It was further confirmed when Destiny was spotted at the artists’ welcome event for ESC.

This is just one of the many opportunities Destiny has been blessed with because of her singing talent. More opportunities are definitely going to come her way in the future.

Watch the video below and marvel at this 14-year-old’s magnificent singing talent.

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