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Shyly Announces He Will Sing A Whitney Classic, Within Seconds Everyone’s Mouths Fall Open

When most people sing along to Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Have Nothing,” they do it for fun and realistically can’t hit each note like Whitney herself!

But Johnny Manuel is different… Instead of shying away from this challenging hit, Johnny steps on the America’s Got Talent Stage and tells the judges that this is the tune he’s destined to sing!

Johnny is no stranger to showbusiness! As a child he toured with NSYNC and opened up for their concerts – however, things didn’t goes as planned.

The handsome young man bravely told the judges about his background and what he hopes to accomplish with his singing now, “As a kid I thought that I was going to take off and see the stars and obviously it didn’t happen that way…

I hope what can happen is that I am finally able to be who I am and present myself and my music to the world.”

Sure enough, Johnny puts his musical background to good use and knocks “I Have Nothing” out of the park!

The judges and audience members alike are blown away and all give him a roaring standing ovation! Take a peek at Johnny’s incredible performance for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

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