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Siblings break out in wedding dance that’s stealing hearts

People rarely say it. Perhaps for the sake of decorum and out of respect for the bride, groom, and respective families.

But let’s face facts. Weddings are parties! There’s food, music, drinks, and dancing. Bet you agree.

Once the ceremony is over, the music comes on and the who’s who take to the dance floor for an unforgettable night.

Even guests can shine.

These Hungarian siblings are fairly new to the online scene but are already causing quite a stir. In a good way.

See, back in September of 2018, these guys and girls put on a heck of a surprise dance number for their sister on her wedding day.

The eight siblings take a few songs and choreograph a dance for each.

The dancing is lighthearted and entertaining. Really perfect for weddings.

The videos are on Ádám Réthy‘s channel. He’s one of the dancing sibs. And that video got over 20.5 million views. So yes, they’re pretty famous now.

So fast forward to part two.

It’s the wedding of another sister. Because they cannot have enough sisters.

It’s only been a short time since posting but they’ve already gotten 2.8k likes. Looks like another road to 20 million views!

There’s nine of them as Adam explained in a comment,

“Cuz many of you asked, I’m gonna introduce ourselves, how old are we, and who is missing out. We are 9 together: Renáta (26) the bride in the first video, Ádám (25), Eszter (23) bride in this video, Mónika (21) married between the two other, Benedek (19), Kinga (18), Anna (16), Balázs (12), Domonkos (9).”

They really are entertainers. A short video played before their dance showing their performance from 2018. That’s how you hype up the crowd!

Now the four boys make an entrance with a ladder. Or in a ladder. They are brothers so that could be self explanatory. But the ladder does stay as a prop for the first part. Everybody dance!

And with lots of siblings come lots more weddings!

A viewer is already excited,

“Woohoo amazing. 2 weddings down, 7 more to go. Can’t wait for part 3 when the next sibling has their wedding and we are able to see this amazing family bust out the moves.”

It would be nice to party with this family.

It’s not even an overly choreographed and overly skilled dance. Just siblings having fun with the songs and dancing together.

The girls take the floor and they have a little fun with The Pussycat Dolls’ “Hush Hush“. The sister in the middle is pregnant.

So give her some love for still choosing to dance for her siblings!

It’s really obvious that they enjoy doing this. That’s interpretative dancing and their audience are absolutely loving it!

The sisters do an Abba number with “microphones”, as if singing the song themselves while dancing their hearts out.

The fun part is when they do the High School Musical medley. You know, Troy and Gabriella and all the others? Pretty sure you know them.

It’s a standing ovation! Cheers and whistles erupt from the guests but it’s their sister bride and her husband who have the happiest hearts.

That embrace says it all! And you can bet that when they got home, they just had another party! Or slept. Either way, that was fun!

Don’t you wish you had siblings like these guys? Check them out below!

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