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Siblings donning ugly sweaters earn 4.3 million views for their Christmas dance

Every family has their own holiday traditions.

It may be building gingerbread houses, or… it may be yelling at each other.

Some are more fun than others. What matters around the holiday season is that you spend time together and appreciate the fact that you’re all in each other’s lives.

One family in particular however, has a family tradition that is very hard to beat…

Their annual family Christmas dance. And wow, it is impressive!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even dance like that when I’m alone…

It all starts off pretty low-key. All family members frozen in position, waiting to start.

The music is industrial, clanky, with train noises and rhythmically banging metal.

You may at this point wonder what’s going on… is this going to be some heavy handed contemporary piece about the woes of industrial development?

Apparently not! When they get into it, it all starts bumping!

The music abruptly changes to Justin Bieber’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

This is a very contemporary version indeed! It’s upbeat and poppy. That’s more like it, now we can feel that holiday spirit!

The family moves with impressive coordination, young and old, every generation seems to be getting involved.

The troupe don’t just stop at dancing though…they also get acrobatic.

Two of the lads brace them selves in position, when a third rolls over their backs!

That’s some Cirque de Soleil talent right there.

You have to be pretty confident that you’re not going to fall on your face to attempt a move like that…and in the living room.

It wouldn’t be a dance routine without a classic dance move.

Heads up though, I’m not talk about a pirouette, but I am talking about something a little more modern…

I’ve never seen anyone do the Nae Nae at Christmas…until now

For the big final move they all stack on top of each other to form the merriest pyramid I’ve ever seen.

Of course the one to go at the top is the smallest and the youngest.

It looks as if she’s shining like a Christmas star… but don’t worry it’s just the ceiling light, which she seems to be putting her head precariously close to.

It would be terrible if something caught alight…

Thank Rudolph nothing does, although the whole gang collapses into a giggling pile when the bottom gives way.

The family rise and the whole show becomes a freestyle as the grandparents are welcomed onto he dance-floor.

I don’t even want to know how long it takes to choreograph this!

The family member who posted the video had this to say:

My family’s annual Christmas tradition is to make a dance to a Christmas song.

There are 8 children in my family and half of us are now married with our own kids. This year is our 4th annual music video (and) … It’s our best work yet.

Another fun fact is that every year we wear our Mother’s quirky Christmas sweaters!”

Well doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Watch the full video below to enjoy this incredible routine and get ideas for your own holiday party!

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