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Siblings singing duet have no idea little brother hilariously stealing the show

It’s a great song. Lady Antebellum‘s “Need you now” speaks of heartbreak, of remembering someone special, fondly missing them, and eventually asking and begging for that person to come back.

Oh and they’re called Lady A now.

Forlorn men and women have listened to this song, singing their hearts out in cars and showers. Probably with tears in their eyes too.

Listen to it if you haven’t.

The mood is obvious for that song. It goes really well with liquor too.

Plus, it’s a great track for would be singers who want to duet with someone. It takes a serious amount of talent to carry a tune.

So how would you feel if you were giving it your all, singing along to the song only to have your younger sibling make a fool of himself behind you?

Here’s Johnny!

Kate and Liam Bryan are about to sing the song. Who knows? They may have the talent.

They look really serious about it too. That’s the way to feel the music! There’s another sibling lying down behind them. She doesn’t care…

Kate’s got a nice voice for her age. She takes care of the first verse with ease, matching Hillary Scott’s voice word for word.

It was all fine up until the chorus. That’s when little Johnny went nuts.

The little guy jumps up from behind the bed, lip syncing along all while he started doing a little dance.

If he’s trying to convey his emotions, well… Gotta’ work harder, kid. A bit more finesse.

Little sister in bed is watching Johnny with a look that says it all. “What a weirdo“.

Liam’s joined now. He tries his best to accompany Kate’s singing. And he’s not so bad either!

It’s just really hard to concentrate on these two when there’s a kid in the back who looks like he took the wrong medication.

He’s got that Magic Mike vibe though.

Liam takes over the second verse. Charles Kelley would be proud of this kid.

He even turns around and points at the door during the part that goes, “can’t stop looking at the door“. He’s got the feels!

This song is so relatable. Ever wanted to call someone who broke your heart? Cried over pictures and memories? This is the song for you. Except for Johnny. Get this kid a sedative.

Kate and Liam are in full duet mode now. They sound great, they really do.

But once again, during the chorus, Johnny jumps out from behind the bed doing his silly lip sync and dance.

He’s got way too much sugar in his diet.

Johnny grabs a water bottle, using it as his microphone as he belts out the song with all his might.

That’s a ton of emotions, little man. But he may have talent. Just needs polishing. Lots of it. And less sugar.

He takes it up a notch. Johnny gets on the bed and jumps off, rocking out to the song.

Mom can’t help it. you can hear her giggle behind the camera.

Why Johnny did the Gangnam Style dance, we’ll never know. This kid is going places!

Who needs little Johnny? Watch this kid’s energetic dance in the video below!

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